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    What kind of plant is a houseleek plant?

    What are house leeks called?

    What is the scientific name for leeks?

    What is the botanical name for an indoor plant?

  2. Sempervivum - Wikipedia › wiki › Sempervivum

    Sempervivum transcaucasicum. Sempervivum wulfenii. Sempervivum zeleborii. Sempervivum (Brit. / sɛmpəˈvaɪvəm /, U.S. [̩sɛ̃mpeɹ'vivũm]) is a genus of about 40 species of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae, commonly known as houseleeks.

  3. houseleek | Description, Major Species, & Facts | Britannica › plant › houseleek

    Houseleek, (genus Sempervivum), also called live-forever, genus of about 30 species of low-growing succulent plants in the stonecrop family (Crassulaceae), native to Europe, Morocco, and western Asia. The name houseleek refers to the growth of some species on thatched roofs in Europe; live-forever indicates their hardiness and durability.

  4. How to Grow and Care for a Common ... - World of Succulents › grow-care-common-houseleek

    Oct 24, 2016 · Sempervivum tectorum, commonly known as Common Houseleek or Hens and Chicks, is a low-growing, evergreen, succulent plant. It is considered an alpine or rock garden plant because of its hardiness and drought resistance. The original rosette, the "hen," produces small rosette offsets known as the "chicks." The name for the genus "Sempervivum" is Latin for "live forever."

  5. House Leek - Garden Herbs › simples › house_leek

    House Leek. The House Leek (Sempervivum tectorum), or "never dying" flower of our cottage roofs, which is commonly known also as Stone-crop, grows plentifully on walls and the tops of small buildings throughout Great Britain, in all country districts. It is distinguished by its compact rose-shaped arrangement of seagreen succulent leaves lying sessile in a somewhat flattened manner, and by its popularity among country folk on account of these bland juicy leaves, and its reputed protective ...

  6. How to grow sempervivums or house leeks - Gardening ... › gardening › blog

    Sempervivums, hardy succulents of the family crassulacae are usually referred to as house leeks, or sometimes as live forever, or occasionally hen and chickens. The botanical name sempervivum comes from the Latin word ‘semper’- meaning forever, and ‘vivus’ meaning living.

  7. Leek - Wikipedia › wiki › Leek

    Historically, many scientific names were used for leeks, but they are now all treated as cultivars of A. ampeloprasum. The name "leek" developed from the Old English word leac, from which the modern English name for garlic also derives. Leac means onion in Old English and is a cognate with the modern Swedish word for onion "lök". [citation needed]

  8. Has anyone heard of a plant called "House Leak" and if so ... › question › index

    May 04, 2008 · 1 Answer. ROACH, it's a houseleek, also known as a Sempervivum. There are many varieties ranging from 2 to 12 inches. It's a spreading perennial forming small rosettes of succulent foliage, with...

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