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    Scorpion Catcher is a quest in which Thormac, a wizard in the Sorcerer's Tower, has lost three of his scorpions. He tasks you with finding them for him. Contents Details Walkthrough Beginning The first scorpion The second and third scorpions Finishing up Rewards Trivia Details Walkthrough Beginning The location of the Sorcerer's Tower.

  2. The scorpion is wandering around the grounds just inside the entrance of the Agility training arena. To get in, you'll have to have completed Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl. You can head back to the Seer to get the location of the third and final scorpion if you've forgotten. The third scorpion The location of the third Kharid Scorpion.

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  3. Feb 27, 2017 · OSRS Scorpion Catcher - RuneScape Guide - RuneHQ Scorpion Catcher Description: Thormac has carelessly left the cage door to his lesser kharid scorpions open and now they have scattered into hard to reach places. If you manage to catch them all and bring them home safely, Thormac will improve your battlestaves. Difficulty: Intermediate Length: Short

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  5. [Quick Guide] Scorpion Catcher Slayermusiq1 169K subscribers Join Subscribe 2.2K Share Save 197K views 4 years ago recommended items: - 2 stamina potions - weight reducing gear Show more Show...

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  6. Scorpion Catcher For the achievement, see Scorpion Catcher (achievement). This article has a quick guide. Quick guides provide a brief summary of the steps needed for completion. In Scorpion Catcher, the player must assist Thormac in the Sorcerer's Tower, who has lost three of his scorpions and tasks the player to find them for him. Contents

  7. Catch the scorpion. Finishing up Return to Thormac. Quest complete! Rewards 1 quest point 6,625 experience Ability to have Thormac make an elemental battlestaff into a corresponding mystic battlestaff for 40,000 coins. 2 Treasure Hunter keys ( Ironman accounts will not receive these) Required for completing

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