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    Scotland (Scots: Scotland, Scottish Gaelic: Alba [ˈal̪ˠapə] ()) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96-mile (154 km) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast and the Irish Sea to the south.

    • Flag

      The flag of Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: bratach na h-Alba;...

    • Battle of Culloden

      The Battle of Culloden (/ k ə ˈ l ɒ d ən /; Scottish Gaelic:...

    • Geography of Scotland

      The land area of Scotland is 30,981 square miles (80,240 km...

    • Flower of Scotland

      "Flower of Scotland" (Scots: Flouer o Scotland, Scottish...

    • William Wallace

      William Wallace was a member of the lesser nobility, but...

    • Royal Banner

      The Flag of Scotland, also known as the Saint Andrew's Cross...

  2. History of Scotland - Wikipedia

    People lived in Scotland for at least 8,500 years before Britain's recorded history.At times during the last interglacial period (130,000–70,000 BC) Europe had a climate warmer than today's, and early humans may have made their way to Scotland, with the possible discovery of pre-Ice Age axes on Orkney and mainland Scotland.

  3. Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Alba) is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. It is the northern half of the island of Great Britain, along with many other islands, with about five million people living there. To the south of Scotland is England, the North Sea to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Irish Sea to the ...

    • 96.0% White, 2.7% South Asian, 0.7% Black, 0.4% Mixed, 0.2% Arab, 0.1% Other
    • Englishc
  4. Kingdom of Scotland - Wikipedia

    The Kingdom of Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Rìoghachd na h-Alba; Scots: Kinrick o Scotland) was a sovereign state in northwest Europe traditionally said to have been founded in 843. Its territories expanded and shrank, but it came to occupy the northern third of the island of Great Britain , sharing a land border to the south with the Kingdom of ...

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    Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics – Scottish Government's programme of small area statistics in Scotland Scotland travel guide from Wikivoyage Gazetteer for Scotland – Extensive guide to the places and people of Scotland, by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and University of Edinburgh

    • 89% Scottish, 7% English, Irish, Welsh, 4% other
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    George Square is the main civic square in the middle o Glesga, Scotland. It is named fur King George III. It's ane oot o sax squares in the ceetie centre. The idea ahint the square wis pit oot in 1781, bit didna git developit fur anither 20 year. George Square wis sorroondit bi important biggins.

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    Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Alba) is a kintra in nor'-wast Europe, an is ane o the fower kintras that maks the Unitit Kinrick. It taks up the northren thrid o the Breetish island . Scotland haes til its sooth the laund o England , an is bund bi the German Ocean til the east an the Atlantic Ocean til the north an wast.

  9. Most of Scottish Wikipedia is written by an American in a ...

    Aug 26, 2020 · Much of the Scottish-language version of Wikipedia is actually written by an American who doesn't even speak the language -- resulting in comically-bad entries that read like they came from ...

  10. Um, almost the entire Scots Wikipedia was written by someone ...

    Aug 26, 2020 · Amazingly, the dreadful quality of the Scots-language version was the focus on an article five years ago when Slate noted that “at first glance, the Scots Wikipedia page reads like a transcription of a person with a Scottish accent,” while covering a request to Wikipedia that the entire archive be deleted.

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