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  1. The SCP Foundation [note 3] is a fictional secret organization documented by the collaborative writing wiki project of the same name, with the abbreviation standing for "Special Containment Procedures".

    • English and 15 other languages
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    • January 19, 2008; 14 years ago (original), July 19, 2008 (current site)
    • Collaborative fiction project
  2. Some of these International SCP Wikis have been officially recognized and listed by the International Translation Archive, with their articles having been partially translated into English and other languages. List of wikis SCP-INT (International Translation Archive) - Central hub for all the major, official SCP language branches.

  3. The International Translation Archive of the SCP Foundation. The International Translation Archive contains translations of SCP articles, tales, canons and other articles from all the different branches. Feel free to contribute and translate Articles from the branches to English. While doing so please keep the site rules in mind.

  4. 2 days ago · SCP: Secret Laboratory English Official Wiki Main Page Welcome to the Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Wiki! The official information hub for all things SCP:SL, with 185 pages and counting! Below you can find some articles on the SCPs, various playable classes and more. Game Content SCPs Humans Weapons Items Site-02 Mechanics Achievements Soundtrack

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    CP-Wikia — Das Deutsche Creepypasta Wikia. Direkt zur SCP-Übersicht des deutschen Creepypasta Wikias. (Linkpartner des SCP-DE Wikis) Weitere Sprachen. Das vom "Deutschsprachige SCP Foundation"-Wiki benutzte Sigma-9 Theme, sowie die dazugehörigen Icons, wurden von Aelanna und anderen entwickelt, und steht unter der Lizenz Creative Commons ...

  6. The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization. It is a collection of the internet -based fiction project of the same name. The SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, aliens, locations, and objects that violate natural law. The SCP Foundation have created games and writings that were horror, science fiction, and ...

  7. SCP-008. Euclid. v0.7. A prion which causes its victims to turn into zombies. SCP-012. Euclid. v0.7. When within range of the composition, forcibly draws the victim towards itself, making them cut their wrist in an attempt to finish it using their own blood. SCP-035.

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