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    Is Dunder Mifflin A Real Paper Company?

    Is Dunder Mifflin a real company?

    Where is Dunder Mifflin located?

    Is Dunder Mifflin real?

  2. Dunder Mifflin Scranton | Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki | Fandom

    Dunder Mifflin Scranton is a branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company that is based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania in Lackawanna County. It is located at 1725 Slough Avenue in the Scranton Business Park, Suite 200. It is the main setting for the show The Office. As revealed in Casino Night, the Dunder Mifflin Scranton warehouse - perhaps including the suite - is on a seven years lease from ...

    • Scranton, Pennsylvania
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  3. A Dunder Mifflin Tour of Scranton | Mental Floss
    • Alfredo’s Pizza Café. In the episode “Launch Party,” Michael tries to win over his disgruntled employees by ordering takeout from their favorite pizzeria.
    • Chili’s. Michael Scott’s favorite restaurant will be forever memorialized in the minds of Office fans. It was the site of the Dundee’s award ceremony — when Pam got plastered and banned from the franchise.
    • Cooper’s Seafood. The Office name-drops Coopers about as often as Michael Scott makes a “that’s what she said” joke. And in the episode “Business Ethics,” Michael actually takes Holly there.
    • Electric City signs. In the episode "The Merger," Michael and Dwight make a rap video called “Lazy Scranton” to introduce their out-of-town colleagues to the Electric City.
  4. Dunder Mifflin - Wikipedia

    Scranton has been associated internationally with Dunder Mifflin due to the show's international reach. In a 2008 St. Patrick's Day speech in the suburb of Dickson City , then- Taoiseach , or prime minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern , made a reference to the city's fictional branch office.

  5. Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Pennsylvania, Scranton, Pennsylvania. 3.4K likes. Dunder Mifflin Inc. (stock symbol DMI) is a micro-cap regional paper and office supply distributor with an emphasis on...

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  6. Dunder Mifflin - Scranton, PA - Yelp

    (407) 456-7943 · 1725 Slough Ave Scranton, PA 18501

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    • 1725 Slough Ave, Scranton, 18501, PA
    • (407) 456-7943
  7. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company | Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki ...

    Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. (Stock Symbol DMI) is a fictional paper company in the television series The Office. The Scranton, Pennsylvania Branch of Dunder Mifflin serves as the main setting for the series. The company was founded by Robert Dunder and Robert Mifflin in 1949. There are multiple branches throughout America, many of which have been shut down due to the success of the ...

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    • Sabre (formerly) as Dunder Mifflin Sabre
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  8. Scranton, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia,_Pennsylvania

    Scranton is the sixth-largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.It is the county seat and largest city of Lackawanna County in Northeastern Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley and hosts a federal court building for the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

  9. Must-See Places On Your Next Visit To Scranton: 'The Office ...
    • Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company. 215 Vine Street. Scranton, PA 18501. OK, so the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company is not specifically mentioned in The Office, but it’s essentially the basis for the type of workplace Dunder Mifflin is supposed to be.
    • Steamtown Mall. (Marketplace at Steamtown) 300 Lackawanna Avenue. Scranton, PA 18503. While known as Steamtown Mall back when the show was originally airing, the city’s main shopping center has since been renamed the Marketplace at Steamtown.
    • Cooper’s Seafood House. 701 N. Washington Avenue. Scranton, PA 18509. Michael Scott namedrops Cooper’s Seafood House more times than I can count! It’s one of his favorite “business-romantic” lunch spots.
    • Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe. 1040 S. Washington Avenue. Scranton, PA 18505. After picking up The Office souvenirs at Cooper’s, it was time for supper. I went to Alfredo’s Pizza & Restaurant — which is the favorite pizzeria of Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner).
  10. "The Office" Self-Guided Walking Tour in Scranton | # ...

    Visit locations made famous by being included in the hysterical hit show, try out the Dunder Mifflin staff's favorite pizza at Alfredo's Pizza Cafe, or grab a drink at the Dunder Mifflin crew’s favorite bar, Poor Richard's Pub. You’ll have a blast, because there Ain’t no Party Like a Scranton Party, Cause a Scranton Party Don’t Stop!

  11. The Office Road Trip | Roadtrippers

    This is the preferred pizza joint of the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. In the episode “Launch Party” in Season 4, Michael accidentally orders pizza from Pizza by Alfredo and ends up kidnapping the pizza boy because he wouldn’t accept his coupons for Alfredo's Pizza Cafe.