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  1. First Doctor Submitted for season 1 The Giants. The first serial of the series, The Giants, was originally to be written by C. E. Webber, the first episode being titled "Nothing at the End of the Lane", and would concern the four main characters (at that point named as the Doctor, Cliff, Lola, and Biddy) being shrunk to a "miniature size" and attacked by giant animals.

  2. 1984–present. Allison Liddi-Brown is an American television director and producer . Liddi-Brown received her B.A. in Drama and her M.F.A. in Directing from the University of California, Irvine, where she studied under Professor Keith Fowler. She made her television directorial debut on the first season of the Nickelodeon series, The Secret ...

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    • Allison Leddi-Brown, Allison Liddi Brown
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    • 1984–present
  3. Baywatch arranges a funeral at sea for Al, at which Mitch eulogizes his fallen friend. Notes: Richard Jaeckel who plays Al Gibson in this episode, also played Lieutenant, later Captain, Ben Edwards from 1991 to 1994. Gina Hecht plays Gina Pomeroy in the pilot, but Holly Gagnier takes over the role in subsequent episodes.

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    Somewhere beyond the bright piazzas and open markets of the Venice Carnevale lurks a masked thief. Despite months of investigations, the Italian police remain helpless as stolen treasures vanish in the night. That's why the authorities asked detective Nancy Drew, to join the case to infiltrate a dangerous crime syndicate and catch this phantom thief before he or she destroys the heart of Venice.

    Colin Baxter-- Colin Baxter is a handsome British art restorer; he is restoring Ca' Nascosta for a small amount of money. He also seems to have a crush on Nancy, and is always giving her compliments. Could he be working for so cheap because he has a part-time job as Il Dottore? La Contessa Margherita Fauberg-- Margherita Fauberg is a very wealthy woman, owner of Ca' Nascosta, she inherited a large sum of money when her husband died. Could her large spending cause her to need to steal to pay off debts? Helena Berg-- Helena Berg is a journalist and a specialist on reporting high profile crimes, she is also an expert on the failures and successes of crime rings. She does not condone what the phantom is doing, but she finds it so fascinating. How did she become an expert on the art thefts? Enrico Tazza-- Enrico Tazza is the owner of the Casa dei Giochi, or House of Games, he was originally a member of the Machiano Crime Syndicate. Nancy has to beat him at Scopa in order to talk to him;...

    Like all Nancy Drew games, there are fatal accidents you can make. Unlike the other games, when you make a mistake, it will give you a funny 'Good and Bad News' before giving you the choice to try again. (This happens in all games after this). 1. Inputting the incorrect combination at Zattere. 2. Banging on the locked gate at Zattere multiple times. 3. Being stung by too many bees when picking flowers. 4. Not hiding in time in Fango's office. 5. Not avoiding the falling urn. 6. Failing the stakeout. 7. Walking in the dark with no flashlight and falling into a hole. 8. Not getting out of the water trap in time, giving the culprit enough time to escape before you get rescued. 9. Picking the lock and entering Fango's office while he is in there. 10. Letting the culprit get away.

    You can get an easter egg by picking the lock of the door to the left of Colin's workplace.
    If you make a gelato in the Rialto Market with red on the bottom, white in the middle, and green on the top, (the colors of the Italian flag) you can get an easter egg.
    'Samantha Quick' was suggested as Nancy's stage name in The Final Scene
    The name Nancy receives while dancing at the nightclub, Punchy LaRue, is the name of the person who formerly voiced Bess Marvin. Punchy LaRue is also found on the plaque to the left of Joanna's off...
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    Nancy goes to a Ranch in Arizona for a vacation with her best friends, Bess and George. On the first day there, Nancy discovers that the owners of the ranch, Mr. and Mrs. Rawley are at the hospital because Mr. Rawley was bitten by a rattlesnake. Then Nancy finds out that Bess and George are stuck at the airport due to mechanical problems. The ranch hands are the foreman Dave Gregory, the cook Shorty Thurmond, and the cowpoke Tex Britten. Mary Yazzie is a local store owner who Nancy visits. Soon Nancy finds out of a legend from the 1880s about an outlaw, Dirk Valentine, who was involved with the daughter of the old owner at the ranch, Frances Humber. Dirk was caught and executed but supposedly hid a secret treasure and numerous clues for Frances to locate it. While the ranch is enjoying a barbecue on the first night, the phantom horse appears and the main line in the pump house bursts. Nancy discovers that Tex is sensitive discussing his sister, Jane Nash. Nancy investigates further,...

    Dave Gregory-- Dave is the Ranch Foreman who is always polite and very shy. He is a man of frustratingly few words who is mainly concerned with doing his job and doing it well; he grows very fond of Nancy over the course of the game. Tex Britten-- Tex is an old-fashioned cowpoke whose weathered face and cynical attitude reflect the fact that he feels much more at home with horses and cattle than with humans. He dislikes city folk, and enjoys putting Nancy in situations that he thinks she can't handle. Shorty Thurmond-- The ranch cook, Shorty, is more talkative than the other two ranch hands combined. He loves to gossip and for that reason loves having Nancy around. He also loves to cook, despite doing it badly, and takes great pride in the food he serves. An admitted opportunist, he's always looking for ways to get rich quick, but has failed every time. Mary Yazzie-- A Native American who runs a local store on land that is adjacent to Shadow Ranch. Mary knows all about the history o...

    As in all Nancy Drew games, there are many fatal accidents such as: 1. Picking unripe vegetables for Shorty twice. 2. Trying to take an egg from the chicken with the warning sign over it. 3. Leading the horse to the riding area before getting permission from Tex. 4. Leaving the stables while the horse is still saddled up. 5. Over-baking a cake. 6. Making the chickens or horses sick. 7. Not fixing the hole in the fence and letting the coyotes eat all the chickens. 8. Getting bit by a rattlesnake in the garden. 9. Get stung by a scorpion. 10. Failing to escape and trap the villain in the maze. 11. Falling through a hole under the rug while trying to get Dirk Valentine's treasure. However, like in many of the Nancy Drew games, if the player makes a mistake, they may click on "Second Chance" at the main menu and it will take them back to the place before they made that mistake.

    One of the newspapers in the den says "Golden Gate Gazette" which is from Message in a Haunted Mansion.
    Take a good look a Shorty's mineral deposit map. It has mine names referencing Secret of the Scarlet Hand(I.E. Sonny Joon (incorrectly spelled Sunny June) Ridge, Rutherford Peak, and Kringle Mounta...
    At the end of the game during the letter part/epilogue, there is a picture of Nancy, Bess and George riding horses. Their faces are obscured by Dave's fingers. This is because Nancy's face is never...
    Charleena Purcell will be shown in person in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, but you can only call her in this game. If you try to mention it to her in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, she won't rem...
  4. One Season 10 Episodes 17 and 1 He also contributes to. People somehow were dead by the claw the generation was demanded andor. Devils Hole Cliff Jumping Ny. During the season players can simply Pass Points and reac. Travel with Angela Lansbury October 2015. Seriously Wikipedia very helpfully has pages of things that happened in

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    Between cases, Nancy Drewhas taken an internship as Deputy Curator at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington, D.C. Nancy soon discovers she will be doing more than learning about ancient Maya artifacts–there have been a series of thefts and the only clue left behind in a mysterious scarlet handprint! Will Nancy be able to put the pieces of this ancient puzzle together? Or will the mystery remain entombed forever?

    Joanna Riggs -- Joanna is the curator of Beech Hill Museum. Her eagerness to obtain rare Mayan artifacts have gotten her into financial trouble with the Beech Hill Board of Directors before. She knows a few Latin phrases and is usually all-business. Halfway through the game she is suspended by the Board of Directors, and Nancy Drewmust take over her curator duties until the stolen artifact is found. She doesn't get along well with the Mexican Consulate due to artifacts that the museum has acquired under shady circumstances. Henrik van der Hune-- Henrik is the epigrapher of Beech Hill Museum. He was hired by Joanna from the Chaco Canyon Cultural Center where he worked previously. He is later hospitalized after an incident that causes him to suffer from amnesia. He is accomplished in his career field, but he has suspicious coincidences in his past. Taylor Sinclair-- Taylor is an art dealer with an office in Washington, D.C. He believes something shady is going on at Beech Hill, and fe...

    Joanna Riggs - Laurie Jerger
    Taylor Sinclair - Jake Perrine
    Henrik van der Hune - David S. Hogan

    Second Chances

    As with all Nancy Drew games, there are many fatal accidents, however, if the player makes a mistake, they may click on "Second Chance" at the main menu and it will take them back to the place before they made that mistake. Such mistakes are: 1. Getting electrocuted by the HAM radio. 2. Dropping the Mayan calendar stones. 3. Failing to use the glow stick when exiting the temple corridor. 4. Not escaping the monolith in time and suffocating.

    References to Previous Games

    References to previous games in the series include: 1. The Koko Kringle candy bars are "Wickford" brand, possibly made at Wickford Castle. (Treasure in the Royal Tower) 2. When talking to Henrik about the Mayan Pot, one of the choices is to say, "In the words of Nicholas Falcone, come on, spill it!" (The Final Scene) 3. During her conversations with Franklin Rose, Nancy talks about two of her past cases: a kidnapping at the Royal Palladium (The Final Scene) and an attempt at a ski vacation in...


    1. This is the first game in the series to feature: 1.1. a trailer for the next game at the end. 1.2. the Hardy Boys, albeit, only as voices over the phone. 1.3. the chocolate bar "Koko Kringles". 1.4. "Krolmeister" as a brand name. 2. Punchy LaRue is one of the names listed on the plaques in the lobby of Beech Hill Museum (near Joanna's office). Punchy LaRue did the voice of Bess Marvin in The Final Scene. 3. In Sonny Joon's notebook, he mentions a website where you can get walkthroughs for...

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