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    Seaside began as the Hotel Del Monte began, as a part of the City of Monterey. Because the subdivision of Seaside was located just a mile to the northwest of the hotel, the subdivision of Seaside was initially conceived as an outgrowth of the resort community and identified as a tourist destination. Founder Dr. John Roberts

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    Seaside became a town of ethnic and racial diversity unique in central California, largely because of the influx of Army families and their role in connecting City and Base. Building the Community The challenge of melding these diverse resources, dealing with the negative impacts of deed-restrictions and Seasides's reputation as an army-base hangout, helped create a strong, educated, stable community.

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    Seaside has had an interesting, if not challenging, history and our fire department is no exception. Established as a county Fire District in 1940, and brought under the City’s control during incorporation in 1954, the Seaside Fire Department is proud of its role in contributing to Seaside’s success. The early days of the department are well preserved through photographs and various documents, and demonstrate a series of challenges, due largely to the growth of Fort Ord during the Second ...

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    Jul 29, 2009 · In the first decade of the 20th Century Seaside was an unincorporated suburb of Monterey, located only a mile from the famous Del Monte Hotel. Its founders in the 1880s, many of whom still resided in the community twenty years later, were a group of middle class whites who had envisioned Seaside as a resort destination.

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    The City of Seaside is an ocean-side community that overlooks the beautiful Monterey Bay on the Central Coast of California, approximately 115 miles south of San Francisco. Founded in 1887 and incorporated in 1954, this 10 square-mile city continues to grow while holding on to the rich values upon which it was established.

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    Seaside, then called East Monterey, was laid out in 1888 by Dr. J.L.D. Roberts. The Seaside post office opened in 1891. Seaside was incorporated in 1954. Law and government. The City of Seaside is a General Law City with a Council/Manager form of government.

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    City of Seaside, Arts & History Commission: Archive & Collections. Description: The archives and artifacts cover the history of Seaside from founding (the 1880s) through incorporation (1954) to the present, including the original areas of Seaside (now part of Monterey and Sand City) and the former Ft. Ord. The collection focuses primarily on the people and families who created, settled, and developed the city and forged a close relationship with the base at Fort Ord.

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    First Baptist Church of Seaside, CA was formally organized on January 9, 1957, and the first annual business meeting was held. May 1957 another one-third of an acre was bought. In October of 1957, there was a call to prayer concerning the procurement of an army Chapel from Ft. Ord. Said Chapel had been damaged by fire and was to be disposed of.

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    MontereySEA 2021 Doggie Doo Contest. To celebrate how much we all love our pets and the ocean, @MontereySEA is launching their annual Doggie Doo Photo Contest! Read on...

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    Oct 01, 2016 · Seaside is Born The idea of Seaside started with the notion of reviving Northwest Florida’s building tradition, which had produced wood-frame cottages so well adapted to the climate that they enhanced the sensual pleasure of life by the sea. Cottages accommodated generations of family members, and children were able to sleep on the porch.

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