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  1. Apr 05, 2019 · After reviewing Secret Millionaire Club in detail, and trading scams and binary company backlisted this program, it is a clear SCAM program. There are many programs which claim hyped and unrealistic income claims and all the red flags, but at least they have the money back guarantee even if you pay as little as $ 9 or $ 7.

  2. Verdict – Is Secret Millionaires’ Club a Scam? Yes, in my opinion the Secret Millionaires’ Club is a scam. The site uses incredibly misleading hype to convince you to join a trading brokerage and deposit money. All so that the people running the site can earn a commission off of you. Unfortunately this type of scam is very common too.

  3. Jan 06, 2016 · The usual miracle is that you can get access to this trading system too, for free. The Secret Millionaires’ Club is a scam This is the typical scam scheme, you are promised big free money. Start by reloading their page and look at the counter of free spots and time left. The counters will be back to full numbers after each reload of the web page.

  4. Firstly, Secret Millionaires Club scam uses an exaggerated and unsubstantiated headline to grab their victims’ attention. Anyone who’s interested to make money online will be thrilled by the prospect of making $1,135,659 in a short 6 months. That’s exactly what they use to entice users to watch the full sales video.

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    The website is actually just that…. “a website”. It exists solely to promote the Aspire Today (digital altitude) business opportunity. When you sign up for $37 you get access to a bunch of video trainings that teach you how to make money online with digital marketing. There’s actually 21 steps in total and you will also get a...

    The obvious negative is the cost. Like I mentioned this is an expensive business opportunity and will require a large investment of time and money. Whilst they claim you can make a lot of money the truth is in order to do that you need to actually invest a lot of money too. This isn’t made clear in the beginning and the reason they do this is becau...

    The obvious positive is that you can earn extremely large commissions. Just the other day completely out of the blue I earned a $6k commission in 1 day from someone who I referred to this business around 18 months ago. So if you are able to recruit others AND you are positioned (e.g you own all the products) then you can earn a lot. But obviously o...

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