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    3 days ago · A Bug's Life is a 1998 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures.It was the second film produced by Pixar. Directed by John Lasseter and co-directed and written by Andrew Stanton, the film involves a misfit ant, Flik, who is looking for "tough warriors" to save his colony from hungry grasshoppers, only to recruit a group of insects that ...

  2. Lyme disease - Wikipedia › wiki › Borreliosis

    2 days ago · Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is an infectious disease caused by the Borrelia bacterium which is spread by ticks. The most common sign of infection is an expanding red rash, known as erythema migrans, that appears at the site of the tick bite about a week after it occurred.

  3. Appleseed (2004 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Appleseed_(2004_film)

    4 days ago · The movie once again featured animated computer-generated imagery, although the cel shaded style was abandoned. On July 22, 2014, an indirect prequel titled Appleseed Alpha was released on Blu-ray and DVD after a digital release on July 15, 2014.

    • Hidenori Ueki, Naoko Watanabe
    • ‹See TfM›, April 18, 2004 (Japan)
  4. Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases | NC State Extension Publications › ticks-and-tick-borne-diseases

    3 days ago · The Lone Star Tick. All stages of Amblyomma americanum, the lone star tick, readily feed on people and large wild or domestic animals such as deer and dogs. Adults and nymphs are abundant in the spring and summer months. The mite-like larvae of this species, commonly called seed ticks, are abundant in the fall.

  5. How to Identify a Deer Tick: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow › Identify-a-Deer-Tick

    4 days ago · Deer tick nymphs are typically the size of a poppy seed, 1 to 2 mm (.039 to .078 inches) in diameter, while adults range from 2 to 3.5 mm (.078 to .137 inches) and are roughly the size of a sesame seed. An engorged tick may be about 10 mm long. Hard ticks, such as the deer tick, have a scutum or shield covering the body.

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  6. List of vegetables - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › List_of_vegetables

    1 day ago · Some vegetables which are botanically fruits (such as tomatoes) are considered to be vegetables in the culinary (eating) sense. This is why they appear in this article. For sources, see individual pages.

  7. Potion – Official Minecraft Wiki › Potion
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    Witchescan drop potions of Healing, Fire Resistance, Swiftness, and Water Breathing, but only when they die while drinking that potion.

    Wandering traders

    Wandering tradershave a chance to drop potions of Invisibility, but only when they die while drinking the potion.


    Water bottles may be caught as junk when fishing.

    Potions can be used by pressing and holding use, similarly to eating food. Upon using, they apply the corresponding status effectto the player.

    In Java Edition, potions can be obtained with any status effect using /give and the tag CustomPotionEffects, which is an array of effects for the potion. See Item format#Potion Effects for more information, and status effectfor a list of effects and IDs.

    Thick Potion with status effects of "Mining Fatigue" (duration 4:00) and "Instant Health II" (brewed in Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2, now unavailable without commands).
    Invisible sheep. Its wool can still be seen while having an Invisibilitypotion. This was an intended feature.
    Taking a potion while already under the effects of the same potion does not add onto the effects time, but simply resets it. A potion effect does not "downgrade" if a lower level is activated. For...
    A potion can reach a maximum tier of 127, but using the /effect command, effect levels can reach 255.
    When a player drinks two potions by quickly switching to another potion immediately after drinking one, the second drinking animation is not shown.[verify]
    An Instant DamageIV potion is powerful enough to instantly kill players.
    Potion effects and glass bottles.
    The bubble particles appearing when the player drinks a potion (potion of Strengthin this case).
    What happens when the player uses the Night Vision potion while in the Nether.
  8. 4 Ways to Download YouTube Videos - wikiHow › Download-YouTube-Video

    3 days ago · If you are still unable to play any YouTube videos, copy the text on this web page and paste it into a new Notepad or TextEdit file. Save the file as " youtube.lua ". On Windows, navigate to " C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist " in file explorer.

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  9. 3 days ago · Established in 2011, Ezvid Wiki has grown from a small user-generated forum into the largest and most comprehensive video wiki on the planet, providing useful, unbiased information and actionable guidance to hundreds of millions of people around the world, in thousands of knowledge categories.

  10. Command Block – Official Minecraft Wiki › Command_Block
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    Command blocks are not available in the Creative inventory. It can either be obtained by using the pick block control, or by using various commands, such as /give @s command_block, or /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:command_block. Just like other blocks that can store NBT data, using pick block + CTRLcopies the command and options inside the command block. This allows it to be placed elsewhere without having to re-enter the data inside. Command blocks also cannot be broken in Survival mode without operator permissions, are not flammable, cannot be moved by pistons, and have the same blast resistance as bedrock.


    A command block can execute commands when activated by redstone power. It always has all permissions, so it can be used to allow a specific use of a command by players who can't use that command in general (for example, allowing anyone to obtain a specific item with /givewithout allowing everyone to /give themselves whatever they want). A command block has an orientation ("facing") that determines the chain command block to activate, and the blocks to be checked to see if a command block in "...


    To enter or modify the command in a command block, use the Use Item control on the command block to open the command block GUI (graphical user interface). The GUI opens only if the player is in Creative mode, and has the proper permissions. In singleplayer, cheats must be enabled to edit command blocks. In multiplayer, command blocks can be edited successfully only by operators in Creative mode, and for command blocks to work at all the following values must be set in the server.propertiesfil...


    Command blocks are redstone mechanismsand can be activated by: 1. An adjacent active power component: for example, a lever, a block of redstone, a daylight sensor, a buttonetc. 2. An adjacent powered block(for example, an opaque block with an active redstone torch under it) 3. A powered redstone comparator or redstone repeaterfacing the mechanism component 4. Powered redstone dust configured to point at the command block (or on top of it) or directionless; a command block is notactivated by a...

    Block data

    In Bedrock Edition, a command block's block data specifies whether the command block is currently activated.

    Block entity

    A command block has a block entity associated with it that holds additional data about the block.

    The command block GUI in Bedrock Edition
    The first image releasedby Mojang of the command block.
    The second image released by Mojang showing the block giving glassto the player.
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