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  1. Furthermore, to delineate hot semi-arid climates from cold semi-arid climates, there are three widely used isotherms: either a mean annual temperature of 18 °C (64.4 °F), a mean temperature of 0 °C (32.0 °F) in the coldest month, or a mean temperature of −3 °C (26.6 °F) in the coldest month.

  2. BWk = Cold desert climate; BSh = Hot semi-arid climate; BSk = Cold semi-arid climate; Group C: Temperate climates. This type of climate has the coldest month averaging between 0 °C (32 °F) (or −3 °C (27 °F)) and 18 °C (64.4 °F) and at least one month averaging above 10 °C (50 °F).

  3. Dry-winter continental climates (Dwa and Dwb) exist in high altitude areas near humid subtropical climates (Cwa) or subtropical highland climates (Cwb). In some cases, the semi-arid climate classification of BSk and the arid climate of BWk can also be considered to be continental as long as it has cold winters, though it isn't by the Köppen ...

  4. Cyprus has a subtropical climate - Mediterranean and semi-arid type (in the north-eastern part of island) - according to Köppen climate classification signes Csa and BSh, with very mild winters (on the coast) and warm to hot summers.

  5. The dry climate is divided in: desert BW and semi-arid or steppe BS, but only the hot variant of both is presented in the country, hot desert BWh and hot semi-arid BSh. They are climates where precipitation are below 700 mm. Hot semi-arid

  6. Trewartha's modifications to the 1899 Köppen climate system sought to reclass the middle latitudes into three groups: C (subtropical)—8 or more months have a mean temperature of 10 °C (50 °F) or higher; D temperate—4 to 7 months have a mean temperature of 10 °C or higher; and E boreal climate—1 to 3 months have a mean temperature of ...

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    Subtropical climates are often characterized by hot summers and mild winters with infrequent frost. Most subtropical climates fall into two basic types: humid subtropical (Koppen climate Cfa), where rainfall is often concentrated in the warmest months, for example Southeast China and the Southeastern United States, and dry summer or Mediterranean climate (Koppen climate Csa/Csb), where ...

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