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  1. If you can write a topic sentence that meets all the criteria listed above, then you’re in great shape! Read on for examples of okay, better, and great topic sentences. Topic sentence examples. To give you an idea of how to transform a topic sentence from okay to great, here are some examples: Okay: Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809.

  2. Most of the simple sentences cited in the list of examples are imperative, which is a kind of sentence that gives commands. And the others are also interrogative ones, which is a kind of sentence that asks. You might insist that a sentence must always contain a subject and a verb.

  3. A sentence outline will save you more time than a topic outline because you no longer need to add and elaborate the idea since it’s already done before you transfer it to your final paper. You may also see free outline examples. 4. Writing to Length. Using a sentence outline will help you determine how long your document will be.

  4. These statements stand in stark contrast to negative sentence examples. There, the speaker might say something like, “No, there aren’t 12 coffee shops; there are 14.” Let’s take a closer look at positive sentence, or affirmative sentence, constructs.

  5. Nov 25, 2019 · In the complex sentence examples shown below, the independent clause comes first. Notice that in most examples there is no separation of the clauses by a comma, which is the general rule in complex sentences starting with an independent clause. However, the last example has a comma as it is an example of an extreme contrast.

  6. Nov 04, 2019 · At the same time, sentence structure is a central aspect of every sentence . . . We can appreciate the importance of sentence structure by looking at examples within a single language. For instance, in English, the same set of words can convey different meanings if they are arranged in different ways. Consider the following:

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