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  1. May 3, 2024 · Overview. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that happens when the body’s immune system has an extreme response to an infection, causing organ dysfunction (4).The body’s reaction causes damage to its own tissues and organs and it can lead to shock, multiple organ failure and sometimes death, especially if not recognized early and treated promptly.

  2. Pathophysiology |. Symptoms and Signs |. Diagnosis |. Treatment |. Prognosis |. Key Points |. Sepsis is a clinical syndrome of life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated response to infection.

  3. Jan 19, 2023 · Overview. What is sepsis? Sepsis is a life-threatening medical emergency caused by your bodys overwhelming response to an infection. Without urgent treatment, it can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. Sepsis definition. Sepsis is your body’s extreme reaction to an infection.

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