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  1. Feb 10, 2023 · Different medications are used in treating sepsis and septic shock. They include: Antibiotics. Treatment with antibiotics begins as soon as possible. Broad-spectrum antibiotics, which are effective against a variety of bacteria, are often used first.

  2. You may receive the following treatment for sepsis: Antibiotics: You’ll receive antibiotics if you have a bacterial infection. IV (intravenous) fluids: You’ll need fluids to maintain blood flow to your organs and prevent your blood pressure from dropping too low. Vasopressor medications: Vasopressors tighten blood vessels.

  3. Treatment Research shows that rapid, effective sepsis treatment includes: Giving appropriate treatment, including antibiotics Maintaining blood flow to organs Sometimes surgery is required to remove tissue damaged by the infection. Healthcare professionals should treat sepsis with antibiotics as soon as possible.

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