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    1 day ago · Carlos Romero Barceló, 88, Puerto Rican politician, mayor of San Juan (1969–1977) and governor (1977–1985), sepsis complicated by a urinary tract infection. Fedja Rupel , 84, Slovenian flutist and university teacher. Damodar Barku Shingada, 66, Indian politician, MP (1980–1996, 2004–2009), COVID-19.

  2. Mycobacterium - Wikipedia › wiki › Mycobacterium

    1 day ago · Mycobacterium is a genus of Actinobacteria, given its own family, the Mycobacteriaceae.Over 190 species are recognized in this genus. This genus includes pathogens known to cause serious diseases in mammals, including tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) and leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae) in humans.

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  4. Ranitidine - Wikipedia › wiki › Ranitidine

    1 day ago · Ranitidine, sold under the brand name Zantac among others, is a medication that decreases stomach acid production. It is commonly used in treatment of peptic ulcer disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and Zollinger–Ellison syndrome.

    • C₁₃H₂₂N₄O₃S
    • Zantac, others
    • AU: B1
    • Liver: FMOs, including FMO3; other enzymes
  5. Larry King - Wikipedia › wiki › Larry_King

    1 day ago · King's wife Shawn told Entertainment Tonight that he had recovered from COVID-19, but he died of sepsis as a complication. [129] [130] In February 2021, it was reported that King's widow Shawn Southwick-King had gone to court to contest the deceased's handwritten will written in 2019, which had left his estate (valued at $2 million) to his five ...

    • 5
    • 1957–2021
    • Television host, radio host, spokesman
    • Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, November 19, 1933, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
  6. Péritonite — Wikipédia › wiki › Péritonite

    1 day ago · Mise en garde médicale La péritonite est l’ inflammation du péritoine . La péritonite est une infection assez grave qui peut déboucher sur la mort si elle n’est pas traitée, car la surface péritonéale est interne ; les conséquences locales et générales sont donc très rapides. L’infection provient d’une suppuration ou d’une perforation du tube digestif permettant à des ...

  7. Quemadura - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Quemadura

    1 day ago · A los 2-3 días, se produce sepsis y toxemia secundaria. Hay que tratar con antibióticos. Los grandes quemados tardarán semanas o meses en regenerar la piel, que presentará queloides. En muchos casos, en que la piel no será capaz de regenerarse, será necesario una cirugía: el trasplante de piel, que será realizada por un cirujano plástico.

  8. Olivia Nova - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Olivia_Nova

    1 day ago · Tres semanas después de la noticia de su muerte, a la par que se conocía el fallecimiento de la quinta actriz pornográfica en 69 días, Olivia Lua, fallecida en centro de rehabilitación, [9] se conoció el informe de la autopsia de Olivia Nova, que revelaba que había fallecido como consecuencia de una sepsis, un síndrome de anormalidades ...

  9. Louisville Zoo - Wikipedia › wiki › Louisville_Zoo

    1 day ago · The Louisville Zoo has hand-raised three baby siamangs—Sungai (from the San Francisco Zoo), Zoli (born at the Louisville Zoo), and Zain (from the Albuquerque Biological Park) after Zoli's parents died of E. coli sepsis and the other two were brought in as companions —and is thought to be the only Zoo to ever hand raise three baby siamangs ...

  10. George H. W. Bush - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › George_H

    1 day ago · George Herbert Walker Bush (June 12, 1924 – November 30, 2018) was an American politician. He was the 41st President of the United States from 1989 to 1993. Before he became president, he was the 43rd Vice President of the United States from 1981 to 1989 (under the Ronald Reagan administration), an ambassador, a congressman, and Director of Central Intelligence.

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