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    What does sequestered mean?

    What is the difference between sequestered and unintegrated?

    Is it poor honour to sequester a creed?

    What was the sequestered spot?

  2. Synonyms for SEQUESTERED: isolated, secluded, retired, outlying, nowhere, apart, secret, obscure; Antonyms of SEQUESTERED: adjacent, contiguous, adjoining, nearby, near, close, nigh, integrated Merriam-Webster Logo

  3. Synonyms of sequester transitive verb 1 a : to set apart : segregate sequester a jury b : seclude, withdraw widely spaced homes are forbiddingly grand and sequestered Don Asher 2 a : to seize especially by a writ of sequestration b : to place (property) in custody especially in sequestration 3

  4. synonyms for sequestered Compare Synonyms reclusive sheltered confined hidden insulated restricted shielded withdrawn cloistral hermitic recluse secluse seclusive shut off On this page you'll find 639 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to sequestered, such as: reclusive, sheltered, confined, hidden, insulated, and restricted.

  5. synonyms for sequester Compare Synonyms cloister close off insulate segregate hide secrete separate withdraw cut off draw back enisle island set apart set off See also synonyms for: sequestered antonyms for sequester MOST RELEVANT lay bare reveal tell uncover bring out make public

  6. HAVING LITTLE ACTIVITY OR EXCITEMENT. She's from a sequestered little village on the Scottish coast. Synonyms and examples. quiet. We live in a very quiet neighborhood. peaceful. He needed a peaceful place to write his novels. sleepy. They retired to a sleepy little village.

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