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  1. Nov 23, 2021 · function initMap() { const map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map"), { zoom: 12, center: { lat: -28.643387, lng: 153.612224 }, mapTypeControl: true ...

    • What Is A Web Service?
    • SSL/TLS Access
    • Polite Use of Google Apis
    • Processing Responses

    Google Maps Platform web services are an interface for requesting Maps API data fromexternal services and using the data within your Maps applications. These services aredesigned to be used in conjunction with a map, as per theLicense Restrictionsin the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service. The Maps APIs web services use HTTP(S) requests to specific URLs, passing URL parameters and/orJSON-format POST data as arguments to the services. Generally, these services return data in theHTTP(S) request as JSON for parsingand/or processing by your application. Geolocation requests are sent using POST to the following URL: Note: All Geolocation API applications require authentication.Get more information on authentication credentials.

    HTTPS is required for all Google Maps Platform requests that use API keys or contain userdata. Requests made over HTTP that contain sensitive data may be rejected.

    Poorly designed API clients can place more load than necessary on both the Internet andGoogle's servers. This section contains some best practices for clients of the APIs. Followingthese best practices can help you avoid your application being blocked for inadvertent abuse ofthe APIs.

    This section discusses how to extract these values dynamically from web service responses. The Google Maps web services provide responses which are easy tounderstand, but not exactly user friendly. When performing a query, ratherthan display a set of data, you probably want to extract a few specificvalues. Generally, you will want to parse responses from the webservice and extract only those values which interest you. The parsing scheme you use depends on whether you are returningoutput in JSON. JSON responses, being already in the form ofJavascript objects, may be processed within Javascript itselfon the client.

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    Nov 07, 2021 · HIMAWARI-8. The HIMAWARI-8 is a geo-stationary weather satellite, successor to Japan Meteorological Agency's Multi-functional Transport Satellite (MTSAT) series.

  4. › gisweb-hazard-mapsHAZARD MAPS

    Nov 17, 2021 · Double Click the kmz file/s you just downloaded. These will automatically open into your Google Earth application. 5. You may refer to the legend in the map for explanation of hazards in the area. 6. To make the layers transparent, look for the slider bar at the left portion in the Google Earth interface. Click the "square" icon.

    • Google Maps Multiple Pins & Store Locator in One Plugin
    • Why Use The Location Manager plugin?
    • Map Themes and Tiles
    • Versatile Polygons
    • Use The Location Manager Plugin to Boost SEO!
    • Add Locations from External Apps
    • Importing and Exporting Locations
    • Map Locations Plugin Highlights
    • Location Manager Use Case Examples
    • Location Manager Plugin Related Use Cases

    Use the Location Manager plugin to place multiple locations, pins, or points of interest on a Google Map. Display relevant information such as description, images, video, searchable markers, and full address including zip code on the interactive map. Add multiple locations and store branches inside the Google Map on your WordPress site!

    List branches of your favorite restaurant, inform visitors about landmarks and tourist spots, create a nightlife guide the best all clubs and bars, or help your local community business thrive. Each location has its unique icon on the map based on the category. You can also upload new icons to match your page’s visual identity.

    Choose from six themes, ranging from minimalist to fancy. Let users change from map, terrain or satellite view on the spot. Apply tiles and show extra information from OpenStreetMap or other services. Create a beautiful map and attract more visitors!

    Add line, circle and rectangle polygons to your locations. Create a unique polygon for each location and customize it with its own colors, stroke width and opacity. Choose if users should see an informative tooltip by interacting too. Mark landmarks, rivers, parks and more with accuracy and style!

    Adding locations is a great way to boost Search Engine Optimization and rank higher on Google. Location pages offer great opportunities for keywords and are smartly linked, so search engines have an easy time crawling them. For an even easier solution, the Location Manager User Location Tracking Add-onprovides a shortcode to help you create the “Track Me” link anywhere.

    Add maps to your directory from any website or app. Customize name, description, category and coordinates with REST API. The configuration requires no coding experience.

    Easily transfer location information with the Google maps location. Import and export files with widely-adopted KML format and move the map locations between sites. You can also CSV files based on a friendly format we included in the plugin. This way you can quickly edit locations using Google Spreadsheet, Excel, and other spreadsheet software.

    Google Maps Mapping– Use Google Maps integration and Google Maps navigation to place your location
    Custom Map with all Available Locations– Show an interactive custom map with all locations each having its own icon
    Advanced Search Support– Search map locations by keywords, zip, address or browse by categories
    Store Locator Solution– Use our interactive custom map plugin as a store location solution or to create a store map for a particular area
    Ecommerce Store– Easily add multiple physical store locations, customize the location icons, images and description.
    Business Directory– Create a directory index of businesses with their locations visible on Google Maps.
    Niche Business– Ideal for showcasing locations on Google Maps in a structured and stylized way.
    User Aggregated Directory– Increase engagement by letting users post locations and content. The admin edits the content before approving and publishing the submissions.
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  5. Nov 26, 2021 · Location: Although water refilling station businesses can thrive with its delivery services alone, you still need a strategic location in order to attract your first few customers. Consider opening your store near or inside a subdivision or exclusive village – just remember that these places may have their own rules about water deliveries.

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