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    Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps.

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      Discover the world with Google Maps. Experience Street View,...

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    • Search for a place on Google Maps
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    You can search for places and locations with Google Maps.When you sign in to Google Maps, you can get more detailed search results. You can find places you've searched for before and search for your contacts by name.

    1. On your computer, open Google Maps.

    2. Type an address or name of a place.

    3. Press Enter or click Search .

    • To filter your search results, use the drop-down menus below the search box.

    You get search results as red mini-pins or red dots, where mini-pins show the top results. The purple ones are ads.

    Check the entire map

    1. On your computer, open Google Maps.

    2. Search for a type of business, restaurant, or place.

    3. Choose a filter:

    • Price: Search based on cost of the restaurant.

    • Hours: Check places that are currently open for business.

    • Hotel information: Find check-in dates and star ratings.

    Examples include:

    • Specific businesses: Starbucks.

    • Types of places: coffee near central park.

    • Narrow your results by using the city and state: groceries in Atlanta, GA.

    • Narrow your results by using a zip code: gas in 94131.

    • Find an intersection: 23rd and mission.

    To get more information about a place, do one of the following:

    • Select a mini pin on the map.

    • Drop a pin on the map.

    • Search for a specific place.

    You can get information about the place like the address, hours of operation, phone number, website, and ratings or reviews.

    Tip: To find a place’s website, save a place, find directions, and share a place, you can use 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and up. To turn on 3D Touch, go to the Settings app  General  Accessibility  3D Touch. Then, open Google Maps and hard press on a place.

    1. Sign in to Google Maps.

    2. Open Google Maps or the Google Maps app .

    3. In the search box, start typing a search, like restaurants.

    4. Personalized search results might appear under the search box.

    5. Choose a place to check it on the map and get more information.

    Tip: Your search results can include places you've searched for before. If you're signed in to your Google Account but you don't get personalized search results, make sure that Web & App Activity is turned on.

    General places on the map

    Local results appear for people who search for businesses and places near their location. They're shown in various places across Maps and Search.

    For example, if you search for "Italian restaurant" from your mobile device, you can get local results. Google shows you nearby restaurants that you’d want to visit.

    Several factors, primarily relevance, distance, and prominence, influences the local results. These factors are combined to help find the best match for your search.

    For example, if what you’re looking for is likely in a business that’s farther away from you, Google algorithms might decide to rank it higher in local results.

    Tip: Payment from other companies doesn’t influence results in Google Maps. Paid content in Google Maps is labeled.

    Personalized places you find may come from:

    • Your interactions with places on the map, including Google maps that you use on other sites.

    • Your recent searches, including searches for directions.

    • Places you've saved or starred on your computer, phone, or tablet.

    • Places rated or reviewed by you or people in your circles.

    • Your home and work addresses, if you set them on Google Maps or your feed.

    Personalized places you find may come from:

    • Custom maps, if you have them in My Maps.

    • People and places you've added to your Google Contacts like Pizzeria Delfina.

    If you don't want to find search suggestions in Google Maps, update your preferences in the other Google products.

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