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    Google Maps Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. When you have eliminated the JavaScript, whatever remains must be an empty page. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps.

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      Discover the world with Google Maps. Experience Street View,...

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    • Update your location to get better local results
    • Manage your device location settings
    • Manage location permissions
    • How Google determines your location when you search
    • Location controls & your privacy

    When you search on Google, like with Maps, Search or Google Assistant, your current location is used to give you more helpful results. For example, if you search for coffee shops, you’re likely searching for coffee shops near you. Your location helps to show you nearby results, even if you didn't include a location in your search.

    Your location comes from a variety of sources, which are used together to estimate where you are. You can update your location settings as you use Google services to get the search results you want and control your privacy in a way that's right for you.

    If you’re searching for something nearby and not finding local search results, try these fixes:

    • Add your current location to your search, like coffee shops in Chelsea.

    • Check that your device sends location to Google when you search. Follow the steps below to manage your device location settings.

    When you sign in to your Google account, you’ll get better results. For example, if you often search from your home or work, set or update your home or work address to help Google give you better results from those places.

    iPhones and iPads can send location information to apps and websites if Location Services is turned on, and your app and browser permissions allow it. You can control whether location is available to any app or website, including, by managing Location Services in Settings.

    Your iPhone or iPad might use precise or approximate location with websites or apps. If you don't turn on precise location permissions then Google will still show local results, but they might be further away from where you are.

    For a website

    When you visit a website through a web browser, like Chrome or Safari, you can turn location permissions on or off separately for the browser and for websites that work with location, like

    If you want a website, like, to have access to your location, turn location permission on for both your browser and the website.

    Turn location permission on or off for your browser

    You can control if your browser is able to use location at all.

    1. On your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings Privacy Location Services.

    When you search on Google, like with Maps, Search or Google Assistant, your current location is estimated from several sources, depending on their availability. These sources are used together to determine where you are:

    • Your device location

    • Your labeled places

    • The home address you set in the Google Home app for your speaker, Smart Display, or Smart Clock

    • Your previous activity across Google products

    • The IP address of your internet connection, which is a requirement to use the internet

    When you search on Google, Google will always estimate the general area that you’re searching from. Estimating the general area that you’re in means that Google can give you relevant results, and keep your account safe by detecting unusual activity, such as signing in from a new city.

    A general area is larger than 1 sq mi, and has at least 1000 users so that the general area of your search does not identify you, helping to protect your privacy. This means that a general area is typically much larger than 1 sq mi outside of cities. The estimated general area comes from the location sources described in this article.

    If you grant location permissions to or Google apps on your device, then when you search, your precise location will be used by Google to show you the best search results. Precise location means exactly where you are, such as a particular address.

    If you set your home or work addresses, and Google estimates that you’re at home or work, then the exact address will be used for your search.

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