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  1. Follow That Bird (1985) - IMDb

    Aug 02, 1985 · Directed by Ken Kwapis. With Caroll Spinney, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Richard Hunt. Big Bird is sent to live far from Sesame Street by a pesky social worker named Miss Finch.

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  2. Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird - Wikipedia

    Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird (commonly shortened to Follow That Bird) is a 1985 American musical road - comedy film, directed by Ken Kwapis, starring many Sesame Street characters (both puppets and live actors). This was the first of two Sesame Street feature films, followed in 1999 by The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

  3. Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird - Rotten Tomatoes

    Aug 25, 2008 · The Sesame Street gang makes their big screen debut in the children's film Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird. After Big Bird attempts to live with a bird family, he grows homesick for Sesame...

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  4. Sesame Street Presents - Follow that Bird: Caroll ...

    Follow That Bird is as much a journey through time as it is a romp past the Sesame Street stop sign. Curiously, the cast members--live ones like Gordon and Maria, not just the Muppets--have the timeless look to them.

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  5. Follow That Bird - Muppet Wiki
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    The plot involves an organization of birds called the Feathered Friends sending Big Bird to Oceanview, Illinois, to live with a bird family called the Dodos. However, after deciding that he isn't happy with them, he heads back to Sesame Street, not realizing that it will take more than just three hours to get back home.Big Bird's road trip makes the news, and his friends on Sesame Street team together to find him. Also searching for him is overbearing social worker Miss Finch, to return him t...

    1. The street set used in this movie is a rebuilt version of the show set, made to look more realistic. The expanded street includes a bakery, a grocery store, a fire station, an auto body shop, a music store, and a bookstore. 1. The Dodo family's home address is 35 Canary Row, Oceanview, Illinois. 1. The movie was filmed on location in Ontario, Canada, and at Toronto International Studios. Thus, in addition to the regular Sesame Street puppeteers, many of the performers from Fraggle Rock we...

    1. Grouch Anthem 2. Ain't No Road Too Long 3. One Little Star 4. Easy Goin' Day 5. Upside Down World 6. I'm So Blue

    1. Producer: Tony Garnett 2. Executive Producer: Joan Ganz Cooney 3. Associate Producers: Pat Churchill, Martin G. Baker 4. \\"Sesame Street\\" Muppet Consultant: Kermit Love 5. New Character Design: Michael K. Frith

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  7. Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird - Warner Bros ...
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    At the beginning of the film, the members of the Feathered Friends' Board of Birds (consisting of the Madame Chairbird, a sparrow, a turkey, a puffin, a robin, and an owl) discuss their situation about Big Bird and hope that they can find a bird family to put him with. The group's social worker Miss Finch (performed by Cheryl Wagner and voiced by Sally Kellerman) is sent to Sesame Street to find Big Bird a worthy bird family and bring him to the selected family. After leaving Sesame Street, New York City, New York, Miss Finch brings Big Bird to the fictional town of Oceanview, Illinois to live with a family of dodos. The dodos all think very poorly of non-birds, even saying he should have a bird as a best friend instead of Mr. Snuffleupagus (who is currently watching over Big Bird's nest). This causes him much distress. When Big Bird runs away from his new home and ends up on the news, Miss Finch tells Kermit the Frog that she will reclaim him. His friends back on Sesame Street also...

    Muppet performers

    1. Caroll Spinneyas Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bruno the Trashman 2. Jim Hensonas Kermit the Frog, Ernie 3. Frank Ozas Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster 4. Jerry Nelsonas Count von Count, Herry Monster, Biff 5. Richard Huntas Gladys the Cow, Feathered Friends Member 6. Martin P. Robinsonas Mr. Snuffleupagus, Telly Monster, Grouch Diner Patron, Poco Loco 7. Cheryl Wagneras Miss Finch (performer) 8. Tim Gosleyas Homer Honker 9. Fred Garver as Barkley, Feathered Friends Parrot, Owl 10. Trish Leeper...

    Humans of Sesame Street

    1. Bob McGrathas Bob Johnson 2. Roscoe Ormanas Gordon Robinson 3. Linda Boveas Linda 4. Emilio Delgadoas Luis Rodriguez 5. Sonia Manzanoas Maria Figueroa 6. Alaina Reedas Olivia Robinson 7. Loretta Longas Susan Robinson 8. Kermit Loveas Willy

    Other humans

    1. Joe Flahertyas Sid Sleaze 2. Dave Thomasas Sam Sleaze 3. Alyson Courtas Ruthie 4. Benjamin Barrett as Floyd

    The movie was filmed on location in Ontario, Canada (Bolton, Schomberg and Georgetown), and at Toronto International Studios in 1984. The street set was built to look more realistic in this movie. The expanded street set includes a music store, a fire station, an auto body shop, a family clinic, a bakery, a bookstore and a grocery store. Early on, the Sesame Street people noticed that Oscar's trash can on the set was too new and clean looking, so the crew had to bang it up to make it dirty. According to Noel MacNeal, after filming the footage of Big Bird on the farm with the kids, the filmmakers discovered that the film was badly scratched and unusable. The actors, crew and performers had to return to the same location, but it was months later, and it happened to be winter. Many of the green leaves the audience sees are spray-painted, and after each take, the kids would run to put their coats on. Also: while filming Bert and Ernie's "upside-down world" song, Jim Henson and Frank Oz...

    Sound: Bryan Day, Michael LaCroix
    Supervising Sound Editors: Richard L. Anderson, Charles L. Campbell
    Sound Editors: Allan Bromberg, Steve Bushelman, Paul Timothy Carden, Warren Hamilton, Bob O'Brien, Mark Pappas. Allan Schultz, Sherman Waze
    Assistant Sound Editors: Michael Murphy, Stephanie D. Singer
    "The Grouch Anthem" – Oscar, Grouch chorus
    "Ain't No Road Too Long" – Waylon Jennings, Gordon, Olivia, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Grover, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar, Maria, Telly, Olivia, Miss Finch, Honker
    "One Little Star" – Big Bird, Olivia, Mr. Snuffleupagus
    "Easy Goin' Day" – Big Bird, Ruthie, Floyd

    The film opened on August 2, 1985. The film was a critical success upon its release. The Orlando Sentinel called the film "a flip and funny 'road picture' for children that doesn't let its kind heart get in the way of its often biting wit." Walter Goodman observed in The New York Times that "by and large, the script by Tony Geiss and Judy Freudberg and the direction by Ken Kwapisdon't strain for yuks; what they seek, and more often than not attain, is a tone of kindly kidding." On Rotten Tomatoes, it currently has a "Certified Fresh" rating of 91%.

    The film was first released on VHS and Laserdisc in 1986. The film would get re-released onto VHS three times by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment starting in 1993, then a second time in 1999, and then again in 2002. A DVDrelease followed in 2004, which was later re-issued as a special "25th Anniversary Edition" in 2009, with new bonus features and cover art. While there has yet to be a Blu-ray Disc release of the film, it was once available for streaming on Netflix, albeit sporadically.

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  8. Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird Movie Script

    Aug 05, 2018 · On Sesame Street. Wouldn'T You Like To. Be With Your Own Kind? Wouldn'T You. Like To Live. In A Big, Beautiful Birdhouse. With A Nice Bird Family? Your Own. And A Brother Bird. And A Sister Bird. And A Father Bird. And A Mother Bird? And Sing And Play. Bird Games All Day Long? Wouldn'T You? Rate this script: (5.00 / 1 vote)

  9. Aug 05, 2015 · This week marks the 30th Anniversary of the underrated Sesame Street feature film FOLLOW THAT BIRD. Having rewatched it again, I just wanted to do a quick review to remind everyone how great it is.

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