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  1. The Shivering Truth - Wikipedia

    When announced in a press release by Adult Swim in May 2017, The Shivering Truth was described as "a delicately crafted, darkly surreal anthology comedy, a miniature propulsive omnibus cluster bomb of painfully riotous daymares all dripping with the orange goo of dream logic.

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    • Pilot:, May 22, 2018, Official:, December 9, 2018 –, present
  2. Shivering - Wikipedia

    Shivering (also called shuddering) is a bodily function in response to cold in warm-blooded animals. When the core body temperature drops, the shivering reflex is triggered to maintain homeostasis. Skeletal muscles begin to shake in small movements, creating warmth by expending energy.

  3. Shivering Sherlocks - Wikipedia

    The diner scene in movie was taken from Busy Buddies. Shivering Sherlocks was remade in 1955 as Of Cash and Hash, using ample stock footage. This was the final Stooge film directed by long-time Stooge director Del Lord, as well as the only Stooge short he directed with Shemp Howard as a member of the team.

  4. Shivering Spooks - Wikipedia

    Shivering Spooks is a 1926 short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. [1] [2] It was the 52nd Our Gang short subject released. One of the child actors, Johnny Downs, went on to become a successful character actor and starred with George Zucco in The Mad Monster (1942).

  5. Shivers (1975 film) - Wikipedia

    Shivers (also known as The Parasite Murders and They Came from Within, and, for the French-Canadian distribution, Frissons) is a 1975 Canadian science fiction body horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg and starring Paul Hampton, Lynn Lowry, and Barbara Steele.

  6. Extraction (2020 film) - Wikipedia

    Extraction is a 2020 American action-thriller film directed by Sam Hargrave (in his feature debut) and written by Joe Russo, based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman.

  7. Created by Vernon Chatman. With Vernon Chatman, Janeane Garofalo, Zadie, Rachel Butera. The Shivering Truth is a miniature propulsive omnibus clusterbomb of painfully riotous daymares all dripping with the orange goo of dream logic.

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  8. Shivering Sherlocks (1948) - IMDb

    Directed by Del Lord. With Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, Christine McIntyre. The stooges witness an armed robbery and are brought in by the cops as suspects.

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    • Del Lord
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  9. Shiver (2012) - IMDb

    Shiver is a film that is slightly different for Scream Queen Danielle Harris. Instead of starring in a typical by-the-numbers slasher film, she's now the prime focus of a psychopath, as well as the prime focus of the viewer. Harris by far gives her strongest performance in this film.

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    • Julian Richards
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  10. Shivers (1975) - IMDb

    Directed by David Cronenberg. With Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, Lynn Lowry, Allan Kolman. The residents of a suburban high-rise apartment building are being infected by a strain of parasites that turn them into mindless, sex-crazed fiends out to infect others by the slightest sexual contact.

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    • David Cronenberg
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