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    Shock humour. Shock humour is a style of comedy intended to shock the audience. This can be achieved through excessively foul toilet humour, overt sexual themes, mocking of serious themes (otherwise known as black comedy ), or through tactlessness in the aftermath of a crisis . In radio, shock jocks use this brand of humour.

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    Shock and Awe is a 2017 American drama film directed by Rob Reiner and written by Joey Hartstone. The film stars Woody Harrelson , Tommy Lee Jones , James Marsden , Milla Jovovich , and Jessica Biel , and follows a group of journalists at Knight Ridder 's Washington Bureau who investigate the rationale behind the Bush Administration 's then-impending 2003 invasion of Iraq .

    • Joey Hartstone
    • Matthew George, Michele Reiner, Rob Reiner
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  4. Surreal humour - Wikipedia › wiki › Surreal_humor

    Surreal humour is a form of humour predicated on deliberate violations of causal reasoning, producing events and behaviours that are obviously illogical. Constructions of surreal humour tend to involve bizarre juxtapositions, incongruity, non-sequiturs, irrational or absurd situations and expressions of nonsense. The humour arises from a subversion of audience expectations, so that amusement is founded on unpredictability, separate from a logical analysis of the situation. The humour derived get

  5. Comedic genres - Wikipedia › wiki › Comedic_genres

    Shock humor: A style of comedy that uses shock value to invoke a strong negative emotion as well as a comedic Howard Stern, Eric Andre, Tom Green: Sitcom: Scripted dialogue creating a thematic situation; commonly found on television series

  6. The Shack (2017 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Shack_(2017_film)

    The Shack is a 2017 American Christian drama film directed by Stuart Hazeldine and written by John Fusco, Andrew Lanham and Destin Cretton, based on the 2007 novel of the same name by William P. Young. The film stars Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Graham Greene, Radha Mitchell, Alice Braga, Sumire Matsubara, Aviv Alush, and Tim McGraw.

    • $20 million
    • March 3, 2017 (United States)
    • Gil Netter, Brad Cummings
    • Aaron Zigman
  7. Shock (circulatory) - Wikipedia › wiki › Shock_(circulatory)

    Shock is the state of insufficient blood flow to the tissues of the body as a result of problems with the circulatory system. Initial symptoms of shock may include weakness, fast heart rate, fast breathing, sweating, anxiety, and increased thirst. This may be followed by confusion, unconsciousness, or cardiac arrest, as complications worsen.

  8. Cringe comedy - Wikipedia › wiki › Cringe_comedy

    Cringe comedy is a specific genre of comedy that derives humor from social awkwardness. Often a cringe comedy will have an air of a mockumentary and revolve around a serious setting, such as a workplace, to lend the comedy a sense of reality. The protagonists are typically egotists who overstep the boundaries of political correctness and break ...

  9. Deadpan - Wikipedia › wiki › Deadpan

    Deadpan, dry humour, or dry-wit humour is the deliberate display of emotional neutrality or no emotion, commonly as a form of comedic delivery to contrast with the ridiculousness or absurdity of the subject matter. The delivery is meant to be blunt, ironic, laconic, or apparently unintentional.

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