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    • Shorty Bull Dog Breed Information and Pictures
      • The Shorty Bull is a compact and muscular bulldog of small stature. The head is round with typical bulldog features. Eyes are set far apart and should not protrude. Jaw should be curved, not straight. Nose should be turned up slightly and may be black or liver colored. Dudley noses are a cosmetic fault.
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  2. Shorty Bulls are typically good-natured, fun-loving, active dogs with a strong work ethic. These dogs are affectionate with kids and friendly toward other pets (though they may chase cats due to a high prey drive). Overall this breed makes a furry, lovable family companion.

  3. Oct 28, 2022 · The shorty bull is a very new breed and has been defined as a ‘breed in progress’. This dog was developed by Jamie Sweet and Amy Krogman of the Shorty Bull Society in the US. The name ‘Shorty Bull’ has been trademarked by Sweet and Krogman. Temperament and Behavior. The prime characteristic of the shortie bull is its comical personality.

    • Short
    • Bulldog, Working
    • White, Black, Brown, Beige, Tawny, Gray
    • 10 to 12 years
  4. Shorty Bulls® have a strong desire to please, are highly intelligent and good natured. Shorties make excellent family dogs and are very tolerant of children and other animals. They are bred to be well rounded family companions. Shorties have a zest for life and are little comics.

  5. Jul 8, 2020 · Shorty Bulldogs were also able to maintain not just the appearance but also the positive traits of the Bulldog. Compared to the usual, Shorty Bulldogs are smaller, easier to maintain and do not have the numerous health issues plaguing the former. They also should be able to live an active lifestyle.

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