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  1. Prepare Your Church for COVID - Google Docs › document › d

    Mar 23, 2020 · Require all people to wear masks. Surgical masks do not do ANYTHING to prevent individuals from inhaling disease particles, although properly-fitting N95 respirators do. However, because there is a shortage of these masks, do not use them frivolously. Reusable masks are totally fine!

  2. the Return to On-Site Ministry and Worship Support for ... › 20435 › documents

    Individual are to wear a mask inside of the church (individuals under two years of age should not wear a mask). The celebrant is to wear a mask. 6-feet of social distance is required by those in attendance who are not living in the same household while they are in the church While in the church, the parents are to hold the child, no one else.

  3. Coronavirus And The Church - Wheaton College Billy Graham Center › institutes › coronavirus

    Jan 12, 2021 · Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Resources We honor the concerns and questions people have about the COVID-19 vaccine, and are committed to providing you with credible resources to inform your decisions. Below you will find two interview with Center for Disease Control professionals on navigating the questions and tensions around the COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Francis… Read more

  4. Advice for Churches from the Surgeon General: Preparing Your ... › edstetzer › 2020

    Mar 04, 2020 · H ealth should always be a priority for us. This may be true now than ever as we watch the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spread its way through the globe—Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, and more.

  5. The 8-Step Plan to Reopen the Church - Leaders.Church › 8-step-plan-reopen-church

    The 8-Step Plan to Reopen the Church. Having a plan to reopen the church is something pastors need to develop now, if they haven’t already done so. If you’ve struggled to respond, even with the practical tips for churches during COVID-19, you’re not alone. All churches have entered a new, temporary realm of ministry that no one expected.

  6. 6. Facilities should identify staff that work at multiple facilities (e.g., agency staff, regional or corporate staff, etc.) and actively screen and restrict them appropriately to ensure they do not place individuals in the facility at risk for COVID-19. 7. Facilities should review and revise how they interact vendors and receiving supplies, agency

  7. St John Nepomucene | Cleveland, OH

    The Bishop states that “we should presume good will for everyone in this regard.” Please do not inquire if someone has or has not received the vaccine. There may be reasons why someone might still choose to wear a mask, even if they are vaccinated. We are a community, and must respect everyone’s individual decision in this matter.

  8. Another Disaffiliation Letter - DiscussGGWO › groups › discussggwo

    Jan 17, 2006 · The masks we were forced to wear while participating in that system hid our wounds and vulnerability. It is a hard system to let go of and probably much more so for the pastors who are exiting. Which is why I posted the Lake Elsinore letter as it addresses the superiority-complex we lived in.

  9. COVID-19 and the Law: Vaccinations, Masking and Consent ... › 2021 › 02

    Feb 11, 2021 · That’s what they said. And then almost like on cue, there was a 180 degree turn from no one should wear a mask to everyone must wear a mask. Dr. Fauci, just a few days ago on the Today Show urging Americans to actually wear two masks from now on, because he said, “If one is good, then two has got to be better.” How ridiculous.

  10. Sep 22, 2018 · Health Freedom Idaho. September 22, 2018. Attention Healthcare Workers! Your employer is guilty of discrimination when they force you to vaccinate against your religious and/or moral conscience. They are guilty of discrimination when they force you to wear a mask. While the federal government doesn’t have the authority to override the state ...

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