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  2. Jun 03, 2022 · The song’s origins date back to 1970, when Michel Delancray and Mya Symille recorded it as “ Agadou ” in French. [7] It had been written based on a tune that had apparently come from Morocco Uagadou. (Wag-a-doo) Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  3. Jun 24, 2022 · In case you have not heard, there was a document leaked today that indicates that the Supreme Court of the United States of America is planning to overturn ROE vs WADE. ALL GLORY TO GOD!! LET US GIVE THANKS!! This is an amazing development. Almost hard to believe. Even more incredible is the statement that … Click Here to Read More

  4. Jun 19, 2022 · Kontakt: 030 20 60 88 80. Where Jews, Christians, and Muslims are currently planning to build a sacred space with a synagogue, church, and mosque stood the St. Petri Church until the 1960’s as the s piritual center of the neighborhood at Petriplatz.

  5. Jun 24, 2022 · UPDATE: 10/13/2021;9:00:42 AM – PARTS OF USA COVERED IN SNOW! The Long Winter has begun! FRIGID and VERY SNOWY WINTER TAGS: JANUS, Operation Dark Winter, bio-terrorist attack, Longest and Coldest Winter, Farmer’s Almanac, Telltale Signs, Walking Dead, COVID ZOMBIES, TEXAS FREEZE, Fake Snow, ELFVLF, HARRP, Weather Modification, Weather Warfare, FROZEN, Predictive Programming, Gatekeepers ...

  6. Jun 09, 2022 · The Terry & Jesse Show. Full Contact Catholicism! Terry Barber and Jesse Romero are two men, by the grace of God, ready to set your soul on fire with the love of Jesus! This dynamic duo has been sharing the Catholic truth without compromise on traditional broadcast radio for eleven years – and they’re just getting started!

  7. Jun 18, 2022 · I am not worried. I do have endless concern for my loved ones who are under mass formation hypnosis.The link is to what I think is the seminal interview with professor Mattius Desmet, the psychoanalsyt who identified and elucidated this phenomenon of Satan’s mind control, the same mind control that was used to have Jesus Christ demanded to be crucified and let Barrabas free, and stone the ...

  8. Jun 16, 2022 · 3,000 cow massive die-off is most likely tied to the agricultural and medical products used, which include implanted nanotechnology-embedded dewormers, and massive ammounts of vaccines, and the feed, in combination with the death cocktails being sprayed – all being acted upon by the system overhead that they attempt to hide with said geoengineering.

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