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  1. The grammar structure of Egyptian Arabic is influenced by the Egyptian Coptic language, which was the native language of the vast majority of Nile Valley Egyptians prior to the Muslim conquest; the dialect itself was later also influenced by foreign and colonial languages such as French, Italian, Greek, Ottoman Turkish and English.

  2. Modern Arabic is always written with the i‘jām—consonant pointing, but only religious texts, children's books and works for learners are written with the full tashkīl—vowel guides and consonant length. It is not uncommon for authors to add diacritics to a word or letter when the grammatical case or the meaning is deemed otherwise ambiguous.

  3. Generally I feel english is so super efficient and dramatic language but russian is a feeling language kind of more precise but also heavy. My mind being slow I prefer English and it makes me more extraverted, russian being good with close friends but clumsy with external world. 2c.

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  5. Traduzione di American and British English: divided by a common language? di Paul Baker (capitoli I, II, V, IX) La globalizzazione è causa della scomparsa della varietà linguistica? laurea magistrale: 2020: AVENA,ISABELLA: Cambiamenti alle misure di contrasto alla povertà. Una valutazione del "Progetto SIA sul territorio di Lucca" laurea ...

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