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    The county of which Wichmann was count is not known. An epitaph records him as “ comitis Wigmanni de Orlamunda fundatoris cenobii Caldenborn ” [157] , but it is not clear that this inscription was contemporary and in any case it contradicts information recorded elsewhere which relates to the Grafen von Orlamünde in the early 12th century.

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    Thanks to ties forged through marriage, Poppo, count of Weimar-Orlamünde in Thuringia, is appointed margrave of both marches. 1047 - 1055: Welf III of Altdorf: Numbering follows the Bavarian Welfs. Also in Verona. 1055: Welf III dies without having produced an heir.

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    Jun 26, 2019 · Otto von Weimar-Orlamünde, Brother of the Teutonic Order (9th gen. Ventrue, childe of Siegfried von Orlamünde, e. 1207)- A very grave warrior-monk in his late twenties, who stands at over 6 ½ feet tall. The mortal Otto belonged to a cadet branch of the House of Ascana, and was once heir to the counties of Weimar and Orlamünde.

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    This project within Familypedia aims to document as many descendants of Charlemagne as possible, giving each a separate article showing parents, siblings, and children. There are two main sections to the page: "To be done" lists the live tips of the branches of Charlemagne's family tree. "Difficulties" lists the tips of branches that seem to have vanished in the mists of time. (Dead tips are ...

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    He was the son of Poppo I, Graf von Weimar, Markgraf im Raum Istrien and Hadamut von Friaul, Gräfin von Weimar-Orlamünde. 4 Margrave of Istria at (Croatia) between 1040 and 1070. 7 Udalrich II von Weimar-Orlamünde, Graf von Krain, Markgraf von Istrien married Sophia, Hercegnõ Magyarország, daughter of Béla I, Király Magyarország and ...

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    Heir of her father, Count Engelbert IV im Postertal, and her mother Liutgard. Married to Count Siegfried I von Spanheim (d. 1065), and mother of Burgrave Hermann von Magdeburg (1080-1118), Archbishop Hartwig von Magdeburg (1079-1102) and Count Engelbert I von Spanheim (d. 1096). Died on a pilgrimage to Spain around 1072.

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    Yes, the links look correct. Our article says "count palatine of the Rhineland" (the German says Pfalzgraf bei Rhein), but some sources call the county Lotharingia (Lothringen). Same thing. I made Siegfried I of Weimar-Orlamünde a redirect already. Srnec 21:41, 15 July 2018 (UTC) Disambiguation link notification for August 3

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    Count of Carcassone Bello -Aft 812 heiress of Beauchamp 'Campus bellus' -? Berengar 1080-3 Dec 1125 Count de Bayeaux et Senlis Berengar - Count in the Lommengouw Berengar -c 946 Raimond Berengar 11 Nov 1080-Jul 1130 Raimond Berengar 1113-6 Aug 1162 Raimond Berengar c 1055-6 Dec 1082 Raimund Berengar c 1198-19 Aug 1245

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    1431, the Count of Hanau and Count Palatine Louis III procured the palace and town from Count Henry of . Schwarzburg. At the end of the 16th century, the Counts of Isenburg in Birstein took over the burgrave's office, but did not reside at the castle. During the Thirty Years' War, the town and palace were severely damaged and

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