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  1. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki - Wikipedia › wiki › Michał_Korybut_Wiśniowiecki

    4 days ago · Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki was elected King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania on 19 June and became known as Michael I. Most of the gathered nobility voted for him as they wished to choose a native, Polish candidate (the so-called "Piast"), over foreign candidates. Wiśniowiecki won 11,271 votes and was crowned on 29 September 1669 in ...

  2. Mieszko II Lambert - Wikipedia › wiki › Mieszko_II_Lambert

    Apr 04, 2021 · Mieszko II Lambert (Polish (help · info); c. 990 – 10/11 May 1034) was King of Poland from 1025 to 1031, and Duke from 1032 until his death. He was the second son of Bolesław I the Brave , but the eldest born from his third wife Emnilda of Lusatia .

  3. Konrad I of Masovia - Wikipedia › wiki › Konrad_I_of_Masovia

    1 day ago · Konrad I of Masovia (ca. 1187/88 – 31 August 1247), from the Polish Piast dynasty, was the sixth Duke of Masovia and Kujawy from 1194 until his death as well as High Duke of Poland from 1229 to 1232 and again from 1241 to 1243.

  4. Stanisław Leszczyński - Wikipedia › wiki › Stanisław_Leszczyński

    2 days ago · Leszczyński died in 1766, aged 88 as a result of serious burns – his silk attire caught fire from a spark while the King was asleep near the fireplace in his palace in Lunéville. He was medically treated for several days but died of wounds on 23 February.

    • 12 July 1704 – 8 July 1709
    • Augustus II
  5. Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia › wiki › Maximilian_I,_Holy_Roman

    2 days ago · Maximilian was born at Wiener Neustadt on 22 March 1459. His father, Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, named him for an obscure saint, Maximilian of Tebessa, who Frederick believed had once warned him of imminent peril in a dream.

  6. Albert III, Duke of Saxony - Wikipedia › wiki › Albert_III,_Duke_of_Saxony

    22 hours ago · Ernest, Elector of Saxony (1464–1486), Frederick II, Elector of Saxony (1428–1464) and Albert III, Duke of Saxony (1486–1500); from left to right, Fürstenzug, Dresden, Germany Albert was born in Grimma as the third and youngest son (but fifth child in order of birth) of Frederick II the Gentle, Elector of Saxony , and Margarete of ...

  7. Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy - Wikipedia › wiki › Margaret_of_Austria

    4 days ago · Childhood and life in France. Margaret was born on 10 January 1480 and named after her stepgrandmother, Margaret of York.She was the second child and only daughter of Maximilian of Austria (future Holy Roman Emperor) and Mary of Burgundy, co-sovereigns of the Low Countries.

  8. Stephen Báthory - Wikipedia › wiki › Stephen_Báthory

    22 hours ago · Stephen Báthory was born on 27 September 1533 in the castle at Somlyó, also known as Szilágysomlyó (today's Șimleu Silvaniei). He was the son of Stephen VIII Báthory (d. 1534) of the noble Hungarian Báthory family and his wife Catherine Telegdi. He had at least five siblings: two brothers and three sisters.

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