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    After the crossing, Masovian troops under Siemowit IV and Janusz I joined the Polish–Lithuanian army. The massive force began its march north towards Marienburg , capital of Prussia, on 3 July. The Prussian border was crossed on 9 July.

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    During the interregnum, Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia, became a candidate for the Polish throne. The nobility of Greater Poland favored him and proposed that he marry Jadwiga. However, Lesser Poland 's nobility opposed him and persuaded Queen Elizabeth to send Jadwiga to Poland.

    • 16 October 1384 – 17 July 1399
    • Louis
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    Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia Saturday, January 1, 1352 Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia is the most famous person named Siemowit. Their Zodiac sign is ♑Capricorn.They are considered the most important person in history born with the first name of Siemowit.

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    Siemowit IV (also known as Ziemowit IV) (ca. 1353/1356 [1] – 21 January 1426 [2]) was one of the Dukes of Masovia of the old Polish Piast royal family. His domain included the lands of Czersk, Rawa, Sochaczew, Płock and Gostynin. In 1381 he inherited Wisz and in 1387 Bełz. Life. Siemowit IV was a son of Siemowit III.

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    Siemowit Siemowit (also Ziemowit) was, according to the chronicles of Gallus Anonymus, the son of Piast the Wheelwright and Rzepicha. He was considered one of the four legendary Piast princes, but is now considered as a ruler who existed as a historical person.

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    Prince Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia granted the city rights charter in 1406 and in 1869, during the Russia's occupation, the town lost its city rights until 1994. Prior to the Deluge the town was famous and had a strong castle, but it was destroyed during that war.

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    The Dukes of Masovia were a line of the Piast dynasty who ruled in Masovia.The following is a list of all rulers of the Duchy of Masovia and its parts. Although not all incumbents listed here had titular rights to the title of Duke of Masovia, they are all listed as such for simplicity's sake.

  8. Konrad I of Masovia : definition of Konrad I of Masovia and ... › Konrad I of Masovia › en-en

    Boleslaw I of Masovia (c. 1210 – 17 April 1248), Duke of Masovia (1247–1248) Casimir I of Kuyavia (born between 1210 and 1213 – died 14 Dec 1267) Prince of Kuyavia (1247–1267) Siemowit I of Masovia (c.1213 – 24 June 1262), succeeded eldest brother as Duke of Masovia (1248–1262)

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    Jul 28, 2018 · Nota bene my own hometown, 30 km away to the east, was located in the allied duchy of Masovia, and its town charter was granted by the Masovian sovereign prince Siemowit V of Masowia in AD 1427.

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    Wikipedia:Recent additions/2009/November. ... king of Poland to Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia, ... of every Ohio State football game except one from 1918 to 1921 ...

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