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  1. Siemowit of Masovia

    Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia — Siemowit IV (also known as Ziemowit IV) (ca. 1352–1425 or 1426) was one of the Dukes of Masovia. His domain included the lands of Czersk, Rawa, Sochaczew, Płock and Gostynin. In 1381 he inherited Wisz and in 1387 Bełz. Siemowit IV was a son of… …. Wikipedia.

  2. Ujazdów, Warsaw - Wikipediaów,_Warsaw

    In 1262, the Grand Duke of Lithuania Mindaugas crossed the river with his troops and advanced towards Jazdów in an attempt to conquer Masovia. Duke Siemowit I and his oldest son, Konrad II, who were in Jazdów on a visit, prepared for a siege of the fortress whilst awaiting rescue from allies. However, the townsfolk betrayed the Duke and Mindaugas' troops managed to enter the fortress on 23 June 1262.

  3. Sigismund I the Old - WikipediaŽygimantas_Senasis

    Sigismund added the Duchy of Masovia (now the province of Warsaw) to the Polish state in 1529, after the death of Janusz III, the last of its Piast dynasty rulers. Under the command of Jan Tarnowski , Sigismund’s army defeated the invading forces of Moldavia at Obertyn in 1531 and of Muscovy in 1535, thereby safeguarding Poland’s eastern borders.

    • 8 December 1506 – 1 April 1548
    • Alexander I
  4. Siemowit (also Ziemowit) was, according to the chronicles of Gallus Anonymus, the son of Piast the Wheelwright and Rzepicha.He was considered one of the four legendary Piast princes, but is now considered as a ruler who existed as a historical person.

  5. siemowit iv duke of masovia : definition of siemowit iv duke ... iv duke of masovia/en-en

    Siemowit IV (also known as Ziemowit IV) (ca. 1353/1356 [1] – 21 January 1426 [2]) was one of the Dukes of Masovia of the old Polish Piast royal family. His domain included the lands of Czersk, Rawa, Sochaczew, Płock and Gostynin. In 1381 he inherited Wisz and in 1387 Bełz. Life. Siemowit IV was a son of Siemowit III.

  6. Duke of Masovia : definition of Duke of Masovia and synonyms ... of Masovia/en-en

    The Dukes of Masovia were a line of the Piast dynasty who ruled in Masovia.The following is a list of all rulers of the Duchy of Masovia and its parts. Although not all incumbents listed here had titular rights to the title of Duke of Masovia, they are all listed as such for simplicity's sake.

  7. Ziemowit: What Is The Meaning Of The Name Ziemowit? Analysis ...

    Meaning of the name Ziemowit, analysis of the name Ziemowit and so much more… What does Ziemowit mean and its numerology, definition, origin, popularity and very interesting information. Please use the quick menu. advertisement advertisement Quick MenuInformation About The Name ZiemowitPrononciation Of ZiemowitThe Meaning Of The Name ZiemowitStatistics Of The Name ZiemowitThe Picture Of The

  8. Konrad I of Masovia : definition of Konrad I of Masovia and ... I of Masovia/en-en

    Boleslaw I of Masovia (c. 1210 – 17 April 1248), Duke of Masovia (1247–1248) Casimir I of Kuyavia (born between 1210 and 1213 – died 14 Dec 1267) Prince of Kuyavia (1247–1267) Siemowit I of Masovia (c.1213 – 24 June 1262), succeeded eldest brother as Duke of Masovia (1248–1262)

  9. alexandra of lithuania : definition of alexandra of lithuania ... of lithuania/en-en

    In 1387 Alexandra married scion of the Piast Dynasty Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia as a part of compromise between the duke of Masovia on one side and his king Jadwiga of Poland and her consort and Jure uxoris king Władysław II Jagiełło on the other, agreement signed on December 12, 1385, (the marriage followed Union of Krewo) and Siemowit IV agreed in exchange for 10,000 Prague groschen, Fee (feudal tenure) Duchy of Belz and the Lithuanian princes' hand to quit his claims to Kingdom of ...

  10. John Zápolya - Unionpedia, the concept mapápolya

    John Zápolya, or John Szapolyai (Ivan Zapolja, Szapolyai János or Zápolya János, Ioan Zápolya, Ján Zápoľský, Jovan Zapolja/Јован Запоља; 1490 or 1491 – 22 July 1540), was King of Hungary (as John I) from 1526 to 1540. 88 relations.

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