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    The Kipchaks were first unambiguously mentioned in Persian geographer ibn Khordadbeh's Book of Roads and Kingdoms as a northernly Turkic tribe, after Toquz Oghuz, Karluks, Kimeks, Oghuz, J.f.r (either corrupted from Jikil or representing Majfar for Majğar), Pechenegs, Türgesh, Aðkiš, and before Yenisei Kirghiz.

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    March – The peace treaty between England and France is extended until April of 1377.
    April 28 – The start of Good Parliamentin England, so called because its members attempted to reform the corrupt Royal Council.
    June 7 – The dying Prince Edward summons his father Edward III and brother John of Gaunt and makes them swear to uphold the claim to the throne of his son Richard.
    June 8 – Edward, the Black Princedies, becoming the first English Prince of Wales to not rule as king.

    December 25 – Geoffrey Chaucergoes abroad on secret state business in the company of Sir John Burley.

    November 9 – Edmund Mortimer, English rebel (died 1409)
    Gihwa, Scholar in Korean Buddhism
    January 24 – Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel, English military leader
    June 8 – Edward, the Black Prince, son of King Edward III of England (born 1330)
    Simon Langham, Archbishop of Canterbury
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    I kipčaki, noti anche come qipčaq o poloviziani, furono una confederazione e un popolo di nomadi turco-altaici che si stanziarono nel Medioevo in alcune regioni della steppa eurasiatica.

  3. Alà-ad-Din Muhàmmad ( علاءالدين محمد ʿAlā ad-Dīn Muḥammad ), conegut també com a Muhàmmad II Alà-ad-Din, Muhàmmad de Khwarizm o Khwarezm, Muhammad Khwarizm-Xah fou khwarizmxah (sobirà de Khwarizm) i del seu imperi del 1200 fins al 1220 . El seu pare Alà-ad-Din Tekix havia donat el cop de gràcia als seljúcides de ...

    • 1169
    • desembre 1220 (50/51 anys), Abaksun
    • (fa) علاءالدين محمد
    • Sunnisme i islam
  4. Família. Dinastia Anuixtigínida. Pares. Alà-ad-Din Muhàmmad i Ay-Chichek (en) Jalal-ad-Din Manguberti, Mangubirti, Mangüberti, Mankubirti o Minguburnu o Jalal-ad-Din Khwarizm-Xah (en farsi: جلال الدین منکبرنی) fou xa del Khwarizm, fill de Muhammad de Khwarizm i darrer sobirà de la Dinastia Anuixtigínida .

  5. The Kipchaks were a Turkic nomadic people and confederation that existed in the Middle Ages, inhabiting parts of the Eurasian Steppe. 65 relations.

  6. Sighnaq; อ้างอิง. ซี. เอฟ. บอสเวิร์ ธ Ghaznavids, เอดินบะระ, 2506. พิกัด: 44 ° 37′00″ น 64 ° 09′00″ E  /  44.6167 ° N 64.1500 ° E  /

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