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    James I (late July 1394 – 21 February 1437) was King of Scotland from 1406 to 1437. The youngest of three sons, he was born in Dunfermline Abbey to King Robert III and his wife Annabella Drummond.

    • 4 April 1406 – 21 February 1437
    • James II
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    Oct 15, 2020 · Sigismund I the Old. ... biography/Sigismund-I-grand-duke-of-Lithuania. 0 references. Encyclopædia Universalis ID. ... scowiki Sigismund I the Auld;

  3. Not to be confused with James I of England. James I (late July 1394 – 21 Feb­ru­ary 1437), the youngest of three sons, was born in Dun­fermline Abbey to King Robert III and his wife Annabella Drum­mond.

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    The effectiveness of the Auld Alliance with France had virtually ceased after Verneuil and its renewal in 1428 did not alter that—James adopted a much more non-aligned position with England, France and Burgandy while at the same time opening up diplomatic contacts with Aragon, Austria, Castile, Denmark, Milan, Naples and the Vatican. [60]

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    Joseph Haydn was a prolific composer of the classical period. He is regarded as the "father of the symphony" and the "father of the string quartet" for his more than 100 symphonies and more than 80 string quartets. Haydn also produced numerous masses, piano sonatas and other compositions.

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    This is the worklist page for the Military history project's September 2019 Backlog Banzai.Throughout the drive, each participant should keep track of their progress by listing articles in their own section below.

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    James I of Scotland James I, King of Scots (July 1394 – 21 February 1437), was the youngest of three sons of King Robert III and Annabella Drummond and was probably born in late July 1394 in Dunfermline.

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    James I, King of Scots (25 July 1394 21 February 1437), was the youngest of three sons of King Robert III and Annabella Drummond and was born probably in late July 1394 in Dunfermline Palace.

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    Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc; 6 January c. 1412Modern biographical summaries often assert a birthdate of 6 January for Joan, which is based on a letter from Lord Perceval de Boulainvilliers on 21 July 1429 (see Pernoud's Joan of Arc By Herself and Her Witnesses, p. 98: "Boulainvilliers tells of her birth in Domrémy, and it is he who gives us an exact date, which may be the true one, saying that ...