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  1. Hussite Wars

    Korybut, who had come in defiance of Władysław II and Vytautas, also became a Hussite leader. Campaigns of 1426 and 1427 (fourth anti-Hussite Crusade) In 1426 the Hussites were again attacked by foreign enemies. In June 1426 Hussite forces, led by Prokop and Sigismund Korybut, signally defeated the invaders in the Battle of Aussig.

  2. List of Polish monarchs - Wikipedia

    King Sigismund III Vasa, a talented but somewhat despotic ruler, involved the country in many wars, which subsequently resulted in the successful capture of Moscow and loss of Livonia to Sweden. His son, Władysław IV Vasa , fiercely defended the Commonwealth's borders and continued the policy of his father until death, unlike John II Casimir ...

    • 7 January 1795
    • Mieszko I
  3. Timeline (Coniuratio Bohemica) | Alternative History | Fandom

    At the negotiations in Cheb, all Hussite groups reject the idea that the Council of Basle should settle their dispute. Instead, the negotiations focus on war and peace in the worldly sphere. While the Hussite representatives preserve unity among themselves, divisions weaken their enemies. While Emperor Sigismund and Duke Albrecht of Habsburg are bent on resuming the war after the Hussites ...

  4. Treaty of Melno - Unionpedia, the concept map

    The Treaty of Melno (Melno taika; Pokój melneński) or Treaty of Lake Melno (Friede von Melnosee) was a peace treaty ending the Gollub War. 66 relations.

  5. The Portrait Timeline. It's history's yearbook!

    Witowt of Lithuania is elected antiking of Bohemia - sends nephew Sigismund Korybut as vicar Peking is the capital of Ming China Battle of Bauge - combines French and Scottish force defeats England Witowt of Lithuania + (Bohemia) (-1427) elected antiking

  6. Timeline of Polish history - Wikipedia

    This is a timeline of Polish history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Poland and its predecessor states.To read about the background to these events, see History of Poland.

  7. Dymitr Korybut, prince of Novgorod-Seversky - geni family tree

    He appeared in politics during the Lithuanian Civil War (1381–1384) when he supported his brother Jogaila against his uncle Kęstutis and cousin Vytautas. In 1382 he began a rebellion in Severian Novgorod, engaging Kęstutis' forces so that Jogaila could attack and capture lightly guarded Vilnius, capital of the Grand Duchy.

  8. List of rulers of Lithuania - Wikipedia

    The following is a list of rulers over Lithuania (grand dukes, a king and presidents), the heads of authority over historical Lithuanian territory. The timeline includes Lithuania as a sovereign entity or legitimately part of a greater sovereign entity, as well as Lithuania under control or occupation of an outside authority (i.e. Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic).

  9. Describe Your own Tentative timelines, pre 1900 | Page 4 ...

    Oct 03, 2011 · The God of War (not sure on this name)- Alexander the Great timeline that I've toyed with a little, though I'll probably have to read a bit more on him and all that before I'd be really comfortable trying it. The PoD would be Hephaestion's survival, which I think would help Alexander out a lot in the long run for long-term survival, plus it's ...

  10. History of Poland in the Early Modern era (1569–1795) - Wikipedia

    See also: History of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1648), History of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1648–1764), and History of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1764–1795)

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