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  2. Recognizing Early Flu Symptoms in Children › flu-symptoms-in-children

    Nov 15, 2019 · Common Flu Symptoms. Fever. Kids tend to run fevers more often than adults. Almost all people run fevers when they have the flu, but they may be higher in children. These ... Body Aches. Cough. A cough is a fairly common symptom of the flu for both adults and children, and it can vary from dry to ...

  3. Flu in Children: How It Spreads, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments ... › cold-and-flu › children-and-flu

    Symptoms include: A sudden, high-grade fever up to 104 degrees F. Chills and shakes with the fever. Extreme tiredness. Headache and body aches. Dry, hacking cough. Sore throat. Vomiting and belly pain.

  4. Flu Symptoms in Kids: When to Seek Help, Treatment, and More › health › flu-symptoms-in-kids

    Mar 09, 2018 · What Are the Symptoms of Flu in Kids and How’s It Treated? abrupt onset. fever. dizziness. decreased appetite. muscle or body aches. weakness. chest congestion. cough. chills and shivering. headache.

    • Corey Whelan
  5. Influenza (Flu) in Children | Johns Hopkins Medicine › health › conditions-and

    The flu is a respiratory disease, but it can affect the whole body. A child can become suddenly ill with any or all of these symptoms: Fever, which may be as high as 103°F (39.4°C) to 105°F (40.5°C) Body aches, which may be severe

  6. 11 Early Flu Symptoms in Children - Parenting Healthy Babies › early-flu-symptoms
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    The flu is a very contagious disease caused by influenza virus. Children are more vulnerable to flu than adults. Almost 20,000 children get hospitalized every year because of flu. Children under the age of five years are more prone to flu. Flu can occur anytime and it is not easily identified. Most people confuse fly symptoms with normal cold. Flu is an infectious disease that is also contagious. Your kid can contract flu from any other infected kid. Flu is not a very serious illness. It can be treated with medications and also home remedies. Most of the flu symptoms last for about three four days. With proper care and treatment it vanishes by two weeks. But if your child has blue lips, has stiff neck or seizure, immediately take him to a doctor. Other emergency symptoms are fever with rash, not communicating, having difficulty urinating. Sometimes flu virus can get too serious and result in severe complications.

    Flu symptoms stay longer than normal. There are many early flu symptoms evident in children. Symptoms like headache, vomiting and fever are early fly symptoms. Also stomach pain, sore throat and extreme fatigue are fly symptoms. Flu is not a major illness. However lack of treatment in time can cause severe complications. Keep reading to know what the early flu symptoms in children are. The early flu symptoms in children are given below:

    Nausea and vomiting are sure shot signs of flu. Influenza virus often affects the stomach and causes gastrointestinal problems. If your child vomits frequently, or has diarrhea, it can be because of flu. Frequent vomiting can make your child dehydrated. This can further complicate matters. It is necessary to consult a doctor if your baby is vomiting a lot.

  7. Flu Symptoms & Complications | CDC › flu › symptoms

    This video includes common signs and symptoms of flu. Flu Complications Most people who get ...

    Signs and Symptoms
    Influenza (Flu)
    Symptom onset
    Usual; lasts 3-4 days
    Usual; often severe
    Fairly common
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