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  1. Jul 03, 2019 · Liver Side Effects – the potential side effects affecting the liver are very rare, but in case they develop, quite severe. To avoid liver side effects, vets recommend regular checkups, especially if using Carprofen in senior dogs or for prolonged times. Signs and symptoms indicating damaging of the liver: Vomiting; Jaundice (yellowing of gums)

  2. The cause may be a phenomenon that occurs after birth or as a consequence of some major immune disorders manifested in reduced blood clotting. Decreased blood clotting or its inability to clot occurs due to a reduced number of platelets responsible for clotting in the blood, von Willebrand’s disease, various intoxications and diluted blood.

  3. Heartworm Disease is becoming increasingly more common in this area. Several cases are diagnosed each week. The heartworm lives primarily in the right side of the heart, and in the nearby large blood vessels. The female worms produce large numbers of immature heartworms which circulate in the blood. The microfilaria (baby heartworms) are ingested by […]

  4. Mar 01, 2022 · Because of reports of cytopenias, inhibition of the secondary phase of platelet aggregation, and abnormal coagulation parameters, (e.g., low fibrinogen, coagulation factor deficiencies, acquired von Willebrand's disease), measurements of complete blood counts and coagulation tests are recommended before initiating therapy and at periodic intervals.

  5. This chapter reviews the epidemiology of smoking-induced cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the mechanisms by which tobacco smoke is thought to cause CVD. The discussion includes use of biomarkers to diagnose smoking-induced CVD and treatment implications of the pathophysiology of the disease. The link between secondhand smoke and CVD has been reviewed in the 2006 report of the Surgeon General ...

  6. Basics topic Hypercoagulable state – Coronavirus disease 2019… Pathophysiology and treatment of fever in adults …(You can also locate patient education articles on a variety of subjects by searching on “patient info ” and the keyword(s) of interest.)

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