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  1. Ska punk - Wikipedia

    Ska punk (also spelled ska-punk) is a fusion genre that mixes ska music and punk rock music together. Ska-core (sometimes spelled skacore) is a subgenre of ska punk that mixes ska with hardcore punk. Early ska punk mixed both 2 Tone and ska with hardcore punk.

  2. Skate punk - Wikipedia

    Skate videos have traditionally featured this fast style of punk rock. This played a big part in the coining of the term "skate punk". 1970s and early 1980s punk rock bands like Buzzcocks, Descendents, Adolescents, Black Flag, and Circle Jerks paved the way for skate punk.

  3. Ska - Wikipedia

    Additionally, many punk and indie rock labels, such as Hellcat Records and Fueled by Ramen, broadened their scope to include both ska and ska punk bands. Asian Man Records (formerly Dill Records ), founded in 1996, started out primarily releasing ska punk albums before branching out to other music styles.

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  5. No Doubt - Wikipedia

    The band's debut album blended the ska punk, alternative rock and new wave genres. However, the band utilized a punk rock sound in their second album The Beacon Street Collection [58] and their third album Tragic Kingdom , although the latter incorporated pop punk and alternative rock influences.

  6. Japanese ska - Wikipedia

    The consideration of Japanese ska as a subgenre of Japanese pop may be due, at least in part, to bands typically considered ska releasing songs with a definite pop music sound. Sometimes, this genre-spanning occurs within a single song. For example, Snail Ramp (a "typical ska punk" band from Tokyo) has a song called "Hotaru no Hikari" featuring ...

  7. Ska-punk – Wikipedia

    Några av elementen i ska-punk delas med eller härledda från reggae och hardcore punk rock. Instrumentering består, liksom ett punkband, av ett trumset , bas , gitarr och keyboard . Det finns ett brett spektrum mellan olika band som lutar sig längre åt ska-hållet och de som är mer punk.

  8. Link 80 - Wikipedia

    Far more punk than ska and with an energy and a sense of immediacy lacking in pop-oriented ska bands, Link 80 was able to avoid the clichés of ska-punk characterized by their peers. As Asian Man Records describes them, they are an energetic blend of ska , punk rock , and hardcore .

  9. Goldfinger (band) - Wikipedia

    Goldfinger is an American punk rock and ska punk band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1994. In their early years the band is widely considered to have been a contributor to the movement of third-wave ska , [5] [6] a mid-1990s revitalization in the popularity of ska .

  10. Top ska punk artists |

    The Mad Caddies are a ska punk band from Goleta/Santa Barbara/Solvang, USA. The band formed in 1995 and has released five full-length albums, one…