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  1. New version of Skyjo which adds Action Cards and Joker Cards. In Skyjo, each player 12 cards in a 3x4 pattern, two of them face up, all others hidden. On your turn you can take the top card from the discard or draw pile. You can exchange one card (hidden or open) from your display with it or discard the drawn card to turn one card face up.

  2. Sky-jo is an Online multiplayer classic card game for fun and completely free! Sky-jo is one of the world’s most addictive multiplayer card game How to Play Sky-jo: Every player has 12 hidden cards(3x4).Two are turned face up.On your turn you can take the top card from the discard or draw pile.

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  3. › produkt › skyjo-actionSKYJO ACTION - Magilano

    SKYJO ACTION by MAGILANO is the new exciting card game for experienced SKYJO fans and those who want to become one. As with the classic SKYJO, the goal of the game is to achieve the lowest possible score. In addition to number cards, SKYJO ACTION also includes action cards and star cards, which give the players many new options to achieve this ...

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    Skyjo is a strategic card game that requires you to have the lowest points in your hand, even without knowing exactly which cards you have. With all your cards hidden, attempt to trade cards to ensure you have the lowest scoring hand you could before the game is over. The first player to reach one hundred points loses the game, and without a close ...

    To begin the setup of the game, shuffle all the cards in the deck. Deal 12 cards to each player. These cards are placed facing down in front of them. Place the top card from the remaining deck face up in the middle of the group, creating the discard pile. Each player will align their cards in three rows of four in front of them. The game is ready t...

    All players will flip two of their cards over to start the game. The player with the highest points when adding the cards together goes first. Throughout the remainder of the game, the player who won the previous round will begin the next round. On a player’s turn, they may choose to either draw the top card from the draw pile or take the top card ...

    Once a player has revealed all of their deck, the round comes to an end. All the remaining players will then have one additional turn, and then points are tallied. Each player will then flip all of their remaining cards and add their total to their score. If the first player to reveal their completed grid does not have the lowest score, then theirs...

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  5. How To Play Skyjo Action Bower's Game Corner 12.9K subscribers Subscribe 113 Share 9.6K views 1 year ago Learn how to play the Skyjo Action Card Game with this video which includes a...

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