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  1. Slovensko synonyms, Slovensko pronunciation, Slovensko translation, English dictionary definition of Slovensko. Slovakia A landlocked country of central Europe. Settled by Slavic peoples c. 6th century ad, the region was conquered by Magyars in the early 10th century...

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    Slovakia's name in theory means the "Land of the Slavs" (Slovensko in Slovak stemming from the older form Sloven/Slovienin). As such, it is a cognate of the words Slovenia and Slavonia . In medieval Latin, German, and even some Slavic sources, the same name has often been used for Slovaks, Slovenes, Slavonians, and Slavs in general.

  4. Slovensko, dlhý tvar Slovenská republika, je vnútrozemský štát v strednej Európe.Má rozlohu 49 036 km² a žije tu približne 5 464 060 obyvateľov. Na severozápade hraničí s Českom, na juhozápade s Rakúskom, na severe s Poľskom, na východe s Ukrajinou a na juhu s Maďarskom.

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    • Bratislava, 48°9′ s.š. 17°7′ v.d.
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    The Celts started to settle since 450 BC. The coins named Biatec represent the first use of writing in Slovakia. At the turn of millenniums, many different Germanic tribes like Quadi and Marcomanni started to overtake the area. The Roman Empire established many outposts along the Danube river. They even fought Germanic tribes, with the most northern presence being in Trenčín (Laugaritio), during the Marcomannic Wars. Great Moravia was at first in constant quarrels with the Eastern Francia, and at the beginning of the 10th century, with the Magyars who arrived from Asia. The Magyars conquered Great Moravia in 906, and established the Hungarian Principality, resulting later in the creation of the Kingdom of Hungaryin year 1000. Slovaks continued to live in the north, while most Hungarians were in the south. A huge population loss resulted from the Mongol invasions in 1241. The Hungarian kings started to invite other settlers, for example Germans in the 13th century, and many others st...

    Slovakia is landlocked. It is noted primarily for its mountainous nature, with the Carpathian Mountains being in the north and various lowlands mostly in the south. The highest mountain range are the Tatra mountains with the highest peak, the Gerlachov Peak (Slovak: Gerlachovský štít; 2,654 m). Major Slovak rivers besides the Danube are the Váh and Hron. At low altitudes, Slovakia's climate is humid continental (Dfb in the Koeppen climate classification, with warm summers and cloudy, cold and humid winters. At high altitudes it is subarctic and alpine.

    Rail: Slovakia has 3,662 km of rails, of which 3,512 km are in standard gauge. Rail network currently undergoes a modernisation.
    Road: Slovakia has 42,993 km of roads, of which 316 km are motorways (2003). The motorway network is currently under construction.
    Air: Slovakia has 6 international airports, with the most important ones being in Bratislava and Košice, others are near Sliač, Poprad, Žilina and Piešťany.
    Marine: Slovakia has no direct access to the sea. The most important waterway is the Danube, with the ports in Bratislava and Komárno. The Danube and the Rhine-Main-Danube canal connects Slovakia t...

    There are currently 8 regions of Slovakia: 1. Bratislava Region (Bratislavský kraj) (capital Bratislava) 2. Trnava Region (Trnavský kraj) (capital Trnava) 3. Trenčín Region (Trenčiansky kraj) (capital Trenčín) 4. Nitra Region (Nitriansky kraj) (capital Nitra) 5. Žilina Region (Žilinský kraj) (capital Žilina) 6. Banská Bystrica Region (Banskobystrický kraj) (capital Banská Bystrica) 7. Prešov Region (Prešovský kraj) (capital Prešov) 8. Košice Region (Košický kraj) (capital Košice) These are further divided into many districts. There are currently 79 districts of Slovakia.

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