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  1. Which definition, what one?: Which of these do you want? Which do you want? See more.

  2. Feb 07, 2019 · This one is often written as a "slow burn" romance, where the characters take a long time to warm up to each other, and the reader is dying to see them finally get together. Note: If the burn is so slow it's positively excruciating, this is sometimes known as "will they/won't they".

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    Yaoi (/ ˈ j aʊ i /; Japanese: やおい), also known by the wasei-eigo construction boys' love (ボーイズ ラブ, bōizu rabu) and its abbreviation BL (ビーエル, bīeru), is a genre of fictional media originating in Japan that features homoerotic relationships between male characters.

  4. This is a list of dystopian films.Dystopian societies appear in many speculative fiction works and are often found within the science fiction and fantasy genres. Dystopias are often characterized by dehumanization, totalitarian governments, ruthless megacorporations, environmental disasters, or other characteristics associated with a dramatic decline in society.

  5. Lead war hero Marcus Fenix and his fire team as they face the onslaught of merciless warrior fiends. A revolutionary tactical combat system and breathtaking, high-definition visuals from the Unreal Engine 3 immerse you in a horrifying story of war and survival. A.I. teammates are indiscernable from human players.

  6. Sep 15, 2022 · This is the best part, in the movie, he actually plays himself. His friends in the movie are his real-life friends. And the horse taming scenes are real wild horses being trained (by him). The line between reality and the filmmaking process is so thin here. An absolutely mesmerizing movie, directed by Chinese filmmaker Chloe Zhao. The Rider.

  7. Sep 22, 2022 · The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales. Documentary; Directed by ; Abigail Disney, Kathleen Hughes; This documentary by Abigail E. Disney and Kathleen Hughes is a critique of the Walt Disney ...

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