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  1. May 21, 2020 · To get a significant boost in Smithing level you should complete the Knight’s Sword quest. Completing the quest will grant you 12,725 Smithing XP which will boost you from level 1 Smithing to 29. Alternatively, you can start by simply smelting bronze bars. Once you reach level 29 Smithing you can smith Bronze platebodies until level 33 Smithing.

  2. Smithing is a production skill through which players may create a wide variety of metal items from ore and metal bars. It is the companion skill of Mining, which generates all of the raw materials used in Smithing. Ores acquired from Mining are smelted into metal bars at furnaces, and then...

  3. Aug 1, 2022 · As is the case with many of Old School RuneScape's skills, one of the best ways of fast-tracking your Smithing training at the early levels is through questing. There are many quests that give Smithing XP in the thousands, and completing the right ones can easily catapult you all the way to level 30 Smithing and beyond.

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