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  1. May 17, 2023 · The best way to boost your Smithing in OSRS is to buy Kovac’s Grogs from the Giants Foundry minigame which boost your smithing level by 4 levels. Regular accounts can get these from the Grand Exchange, however, they are quite pricey at around 35K GP each.

  2. In OSRS, we have the luxury of having three main methods of training smithing: Anvil Smithing. Blast Furnace Minigame. Giants’ Foundry Minigame. Each of these methods, and their best strategies, are covered in this Smithing Training Guide. Contents show. Smithing EXP Boosters.

  3. Aug 1, 2022 · Guides. Old School RuneScape: Smithing 1-99 Leveling Guide. By Freddie Payne. Published Aug 1, 2022. Smithing can be one of Old School Runescape's hardest abilities to level up, but there is a way to get the job done. Quick Links. Recommended 1-99 Levelling Roadmap. Questing And Smithing Platebodies. Blast Furnace. Giants' Foundry.

  4. Sep 15, 2021 · What Equipment Do You Need For Smithing? Best Smithing Quests. How To Train Smithing. Smelting Ores: Smithing: Armor: Weapons: Best Smithing Locations. Furnaces: Anvils: F2P OSRS Level 1-99 Smithing Guide. Levels 1-29: The Knight’s Sword. Levels 1-5: Bronze Axes. Levels 5-9: Bronze Scimitars. Levels 9-18: Bronze Warhammers.

  5. Mar 30, 2021 · Published Mar 30, 2021. There are a wide array of different ways to boost skills in Old School RuneScape. This guide shows the fastest way to level the Smithing skill. In Old School RuneScape it is incredibly important that players start working on maxing out their skill levels as quickly as they possibly can.

  6. Oct 1, 2019 · 6.2K. Share. 851K views 4 years ago #OldSchoolRunescape. Welcome to my updated level 1-99 Smithing Guide for OSRS. This guide covers how to use the blast furnace, the fastest, cheapest and most...

  7. Nov 21, 2019 · It is a HUGE boost to your XP/Hour rates and makes smelting Gold bars the fastest way to level 99 Smithing in the game. Goldsmith gauntlets are obtainable after completing the Family Crest Quest by bringing the Steel gauntlets (Reward from Family Crest) in addition to 25K coins to Avan who is located in Al Kharid mine.

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