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  1. March 27, 2019 "Murder was the case." In 1993, Snoop Dogg, aka Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop, aka The D-O-double G was charged with first-degree murder after a member of a rival gang was shot and killed by Snoop's bodyguard, McKinley Lee, aka Malik, who fired the shot while in the then 21-year-old rapper's vehicle.

  2. It's hard to imagine that it could very well have been over before it even started. On August 25, 1993, when the West Coast rapper was in the midst of creating one of hip-hop's all-time classics, his debut album "Doggystyle," Snoop was involved in a deadly shooting in the Palms area of Los Angeles.

  3. Snoop Dogg/Lion is pretty chill these days, but almost 22 years ago the rapper was put on trial for murder. In 1993 the then 24-year-old (real name Calvin Broadus) was charged with in connection...

  4. According to prosecutors, it was murder she wrote. Per the Associated Press, Joseph and London initially told law enforcement that Woldemariam was unarmed. But they later recanted their claim, saying they removed their friend's gun to ensure that Snoop and his bodyguard got charged with murder. In 1996, a jury voted 9-3 in favor of acquittal.

  5. Feb. 21, 1996 12 AM PT TIMES STAFF WRITER Snoop Doggy Dogg, one of the nation’s preeminent rap artists, was acquitted along with his bodyguard Tuesday of first- and second-degree murder charges in...

  6. But this new thug life culminated in Snoop, then 24, being charged with first-degree murder for the shooting of rival gang member Philip Woldermariam. Woldermariam was actually killed by Snoop’s bodyguard, McKinley Lee, and following a lengthy case where the pair claimed Lee acted in self-defence, both were acquitted of murder in 1996.

  7. Snoop Dogg's 1993 Murder Trial Is Getting a True Crime Miniseries By Molly Keisman Published Dec 19, 2021 The second season of the Starz series A Moment in Time is set to focus on Snoop Dogg's 1993 trial where he was charged with first-degree murder. Starz is developing a second season of its upcoming anthology series A Moment in Time.

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