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    Social science fiction is a subgenre thereof, where social commentary (cultural or political) takes place in a sci-fi universe. Utopian and dystopian fiction is a classic, polarized genre of social science fiction, although most works of science fiction can be interpreted as having social commentary of some kind or other as an important feature ...

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    Pages in category "Social science fiction" The following 49 pages are in this category, out of 49 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

  4. Science fiction - Wikipedia

    Science fiction had its beginnings in ancient times, when the line between myth and fact was blurred. Written in the 2nd century CE by the satirist Lucian, A True Story contains many themes and tropes characteristic of modern science fiction, including travel to other worlds, extraterrestrial lifeforms, interplanetary warfare, and artificial life.

  5. Social science fiction – Wikipedia

    Social science fiction. Från Wikipedia. Hoppa till navigering Hoppa till sök. Social science fiction (av social science + science fiction) är en science fiction-delgenre som starkt skildrar politiken och samhällsutvecklingen, och hur tekniken och vetenskapen påverkar människan.

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    Concerns Speculation of human society; "absorbs and discussing anthropology" while speculating about human behavior and interactions also covers Mundane science fiction, Military science fiction, Bio-Punk, Speculative evolution, Climate Fiction, Feminist Sci-fi and mainly Anthropological science fiction

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    Sep 16, 2020 · Science fiction as commentary on social reality . Much of science fiction has a social message. George Orwell's 1984 was primarily intended as a satire, but was dressed up as science fiction. Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 played with information control techniques as had been tried with varying degrees of success in totalitarian regimes. And then ...

  8. Hard science fiction - Wikipedia

    Hard science fiction is a category of science fiction characterized by concern for scientific accuracy and logic. The term was first used in print in 1957 by P. Schuyler Miller in a review of John W. Campbell's Islands of Space in the November issue of Astounding Science Fiction.

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    Science fiction film is a film genre which emphasizes actual, extrapolative, or 2.0 speculative science and the empirical method, interacting in a social context with the lesser emphasized, but still present, transcendentalism of magic and religion, in an attempt to reconcile man with the unknown (Sobchack 63).

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    Le Guin suggested the term "social science fiction" for some of her writing, while pointing out that many of her stories were not science fiction at all. She argued that the term "soft science fiction" was divisive, and implied a narrow view of what constitutes valid science fiction.

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