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  1. Soda pop (disambiguation) - Wikipedia › wiki › Soda_pop_(disambiguation)

    Soda pop is a U.S. regional term for soft drink. Soda pop may also refer to: Soda pop (confectionery), a confectionery product; Sodapop Curtis, a character in the novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton "Soda Pop", a song by Britney Spears from her 1999 album ...Baby One More Time

  2. Soft drink - Wikipedia › wiki › Soft_drink

    While the term "soft drink" is commonly used in product labeling and on restaurant menus, in many countries these drinks are more commonly referred to by regional names, including carbonated drink, cool drink, cold drink, fizzy drink, fizzy juice, lolly water, pop, seltzer, soda, coke, soda pop, tonic, and mineral.

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  4. Names for soft drinks in the United States - Wikipedia › wiki › Pop_vs_soda
    • Overview
    • Coke
    • Pop
    • Soda

    Names for soft drinks in the United States vary regionally. Soda and Pop are the most common terms for soft drinks nationally, although other terms are used, especially Coke in the South. Since individual names tend to dominate regionally, the use of a particular term can be an act of geographic identity. The choice of terminology is most closely associated with geographic origin, rather than other factors such as race, age, or income. The differences in naming have been the subject of scholarly

    In the Southern United States, "coke" is used as a generic term for any type of soft drink—not just a Coca-Cola product or another cola. This terminology is also used in areas adjacent to the traditional southern states, such as New Mexico and Southern Indiana. Several other locations have been found to use the generic "coke", such as Trinity County, California and White Pine County, Nevada, although the small populations of these counties may skew survey results. A Twitter data scientist ...

    "Pop" is most commonly associated with the Midwest, in states like Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma, Indiana and Iowa. The term is also more common in the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West.

    "Soda" is most common on the East and West Coasts, as well as Hawaii, St. Louis, Missouri, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The "soda/pop" dialect line runs through Western New York State, approximately through the Rochester, New York area. That west of the line says "pop" while that east of the line uses "soda."

  5. Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival - Wikipedia › wiki › Erie_Canal_Soda_Pop_Festival

    The Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival was a rock festival held on the Labor Day weekend of 1972 near Griffin, Indiana on Bull Island, a strip of land in Illinois but on the Indiana side of the Wabash River. A crowd estimated at 200,000 to 300,000 attended the concert, four times what the promoters estimated.

    • Tom Duncan and Bob Alexander
    • Rock, pop
  6. Soda Pop-Rip Off - Wikipedia › wiki › Soda_Pop-Rip_Off

    Including Soda Pop * Rip Off on its list of essential riot grrrl albums, Rolling Stone wrote that the band "held up the capital city’s end with grooves like 'Time Expired,' goofing on Nuggets-style Sixties garage rock but with a sense of menace." Pitchfork called it "an enduring model of punk rock poise."

  7. ...Baby One More Time (album) - Wikipedia › wiki › Soda_Pop_(Britney_Spears_song)

    After "Sometimes" is ...Baby One More Time's fourth track, "Soda Pop", a song that draws influences from bubblegum pop and dancehall, and features background vocals from co-writer Mikey Bassie. Spears' vocals on the fifth track, "Born to Make You Happy" (which was released as the album's fourth single in Europe), span more than an octave.

    • 42:20
    • January 12, 1999
  8. Celestial Soda Pop - Wikipedia › wiki › Celestial_Soda_Pop
    • Overview
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    • In popular culture

    "Celestial Soda Pop" is a song written and composed by Ray Lynch for his third album, Deep Breakfast. The song has been considered to be the highlight of the album.

    The song was composed in C# minor and features a repetitive progression performed on a synthesizer.

    In reviewing Lynch's album No Blue Thing, Keith Tuber of Orange Coast called "Celestial Soda Pop" a "monster New Age Hit". Meanwhile, in reviewing Deep Breakfast, P.J. Birosik of Yoga Journal called "Celestial Soda Pop" a "wonderfully memorable little tune". Steve Korte of CD Review referred to the song as "a standard that you've probably heard dozens of times in your local supermarket or dentist's office". However, John Schaefer, author of New Sounds: A Listener's Guide to New Music, referred t

    In 1998, Ray Lynch produced a techno remix of "Celestial Soda Pop" for his compilation album, Ray Lynch: Best Of, Volume One. The song was later remixed by Boreta of The Glitch Mob in 2015.

    In 1986, "Celestial Soda Pop" was used as a theme song for the NPR show Fresh Air. The track was also featured in the 1987 documentary film, Downwind/Downstream. On May 26, 1990, Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle commented that the use of the song by NPR probably caused Deep Breakfast to have a "considerable boost" in sales. In 1991, the Stone Mountain Laser Show near Atlanta began using "Celestial Soda Pop" as one of the tracks in the show, set to animated shapes and colors. The song w

    • 4:37
    • Ray Lynch
    • December 12, 1984
    • New-age
  9. Towne Club - Wikipedia › wiki › Towne_Club

    The pop centers offered many more flavors of soda pop than were typically seen in grocery stores, and the pop was sold by the 24-glass-bottle wooden case. People would enter the store, grab a wooden crate, and walk around the various stacks of pop around the warehouse-type store.

  10. Babyface (musician) - Wikipedia › wiki › Babyface_(musician)

    Soda Pop Records. Edmonds founded his record label Soda Pop Records in 2009. Since founding the label he has signed R&B icons K-Ci & JoJo, releasing their first album for the label entitled My Brother's Keeper. In 2013 Babyface secured a distribution deal with E1 Music for the label.

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