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  2. Formaldehyde-sodium bisulfite adduct; 95%. Find this compound at Sigma-Aldrich to meet your research needs.

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      • The most common dechlorination chemical used in reverse osmosis desalination is Sodium Metabisulfite (Na2S2O5). When injected, it reacts with free Chlorine and creates sodium bisulfite (NaHSO3), which reacts again with Hypochlorous acid to give Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4).
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  2. Dechlorination minimizes the effect of potentially toxic disinfection byproducts by removing the free or total combined chlorine residual remaining after chlorination. Typically, dechlorination is accomplished by adding sulfur dioxide or sulfite salts (i.e., sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, or sodium metabisulfite). Carbon adsorption is also an

  3. vides Sodium Bisulfite in a 38%-40% non-food grade solution for use in the dechlorination of process and wastewater applications. Dechlorination of disinfected wastewater should be practiced to prevent harmful exposure of chlorine and chlorine compounds on plant and aquatic life. Sodium Bisulfite is applied to the waste stream as it leaves the chlorine contact tanks. Detention time

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  4. Dechlorination is the process of removing the free and combined chlorine residuals to reduce residual toxicity after chlorination and before discharge. Sulfur dioxide, sodium bisulfite, and sodium metabisulfite are the commonly used dechlorinating chemicals. Activated carbon has also been used.

  5. The theoretical dosage for dechlorination requires 1.78 parts of pure sodium sulfite per part chlorine or chloramines. In practice, the feed rate should be 10% in excess to ensure total chlorine removal. The reaction is almost instantaneous as with sulfur dioxide. C. Sodium Metabisulfite Sodium metabisulfite reduces free chlorine to form sodium bisulfate (NaHSO4) and

  6. Chlorination/Dechlorination in Wastewater Treatment. AOS Treatment Solutions offers sodium hypochlorite (bleach) to provide proper disinfection of the plant effluent. For those plants that require water chlorination and dechlorination products, AOS CL 2 OUT or sodium bisulfite is available as an effective chlorine scavenger.

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