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  1. Hair and fingernails are found to be dissolved after 20 hours of direct contact with sodium hydroxide at pH values higher than 9.2. Sodium hydroxide has depilatory effects which have been described after accidental contact with solutions in the workplace. The breakage of bonds in proteins may lead to severe necrosis to the application site.

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    Alkali metal; valence 1; naturally occurring isotope (stable): 23 (100%); heat capacity (solid): 0.292 cal/g °C; heat capacity (liquid at melting point): 0.331 cal/g °C; heat of fusion: 27.05 cal/g; reduction potential (aqueous) Na/Na+: 2.714 V; reacts vigorously with oxygen, burning with a yellow flame;; combines directly with the halogens ...

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    • 7440-23-5NaSodiumNatriumSodioMore...
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  4. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) has no smell. It is made of solid white crystals that absorb water from the air. Sodium hydroxide is caustic. Sodium hydroxide can harm workers who come in contact with it. The level of harm depends upon the amount, duration, and activity. It can burn the eyes, skin, and inner membranes, and cause temporary hair loss.

  5. Chemicals that fall under this SOP (but are not limited to) include:Sodium hydroxide (CAS No. 1310-73-2)Potassium hydroxide (CAS No. 1310-58-3)Calcium hydroxide (CAS No. 1305-62-0) PROCEDUREAttach the experimental protocol(s) that involve the use of strong alkalines.

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  6. the QC Laboratory. Methods include testing for all grades of Sodium Hydroxide 10 N sold by BioSpectra; only the specific tests required for the requested grade must be tested. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES: 3.1. The Director of Quality Control is responsible for training, maintenance and implementation of this procedure. 3.2.

  7. IDENTIFICATION (SODIUM)_____ _____PASSES TEST: Pipette 1mL of sample into a test tube containing 25mL of purified water. Add 2mL of 15% Potassium Carbonate and heat to boiling Allow to cool in ice bath and as necessary, rub the inside of the test tube with a glass rod to initiate precipitation

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