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  1. View the changelog on GitHub: A modern rendering engine for Minecraft which greatly improves performance.

  2. Feb 1, 2024 · 1 2 Version Sodium 0.5.8 Release mc1.20.4-0.5.8 Fabric, Quilt1.20.3–1.20.4 120.4k downloads Published on Feb 1, 2024 Sodium 0.5.8 Release mc1.20.1-0.5.8 Fabric, Quilt1.20.1 92.8k downloads Published on Feb 1, 2024 Sodium 0.5.7 Release mc1.20.3-0.5.7 Fabric, Quilt1.20.3–1.20.4 37.2k downloads Published on Jan 28, 2024 Sodium 0.5.7

  3. Sodium is a free and open-source optimization mod for the Minecraft client which improves frame rates and reduces micro-stutter while fixing many graphical issues in Minecraft. 📥 Installation The latest releases of Sodium are published to our official Modrinth and GitHub release pages.

  4. Dec 8, 2023 · Sodium 0.5.5 for Minecraft 1.20.3 Latest This is a minor point release which improves some error diagnostics. Changes Startup errors caused by out-of-date graphics drivers will now show a popup message on Windows. Error diagnostics now link to the improved wiki pages.

  5. Sodium is a free and open-source rendering engine replacement for the Minecraft client that greatly improves frame rates, reduces micro-stutter, and fixes graphical issues in Minecraft.

  6. In this tutorial, I show you how to install the Sodium Mod for Minecraft and the best settings for the maximum FPS increase that is even better than Optifine.

  7. Jul 3, 2021 · Sodium is a Minecraft mod designed to improve frame rates and reduce micro-stutter. This is a port of Sodium for the Minecraft Forge ecosystem. Sodium (Fabric) is created by JellySquid: - Releases · AeiouEnigma/sodium-forge.

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