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    Mogadishu ( / ˌmɒɡəˈdiːʃuː, - ˈdɪʃ -/, also US: / ˌmoʊɡ -, ˌmɔːɡ -/; Somali: Muqdisho [mʉq'dɪ:ʃɔ] or Xamar [ħɑmɑr]; Arabic: مقديشو Maq (a)dīshū; Italian: Mogadiscio [moɡaˈdiʃʃo] ), locally known as Xamar or Hamar, is the capital and most populous city of Somalia. The city has served as an important port ...

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    Trade between the people in the Mogadishu area with other areas along the Somali Sea coast of East Africa started as early as the 1st century. Muslim traders from the Arabian Peninsula came to the area during the 10th century. Because of trade with them, Islam spread through Somalia. The Portuguese tried to take control of the city, but failed. In ...

    Mogadishu is a commercial and financial center for Somalia. The economy got better after the Somali Civil War but there are still problems. Because the government does not have control of the whole country, there is less taxation or regulatory costs. This makes businesses not cost as much as it does in other places. Businesses have hired armed mili...

    Badbaado refugee camp (large refugee campoutside Mogadishu)
    Maps of Mogadishu in 1894, 1915, 1934, 1975, 1987 Archived 2007-06-29 at the Wayback Machine
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    Somalia has an estimated population of around 15 million, of which over 2 million live in the capital and largest city Mogadishu, and has been described as Africa's most culturally homogeneous country. Around 85% of its residents are ethnic Somalis, who have historically inhabited the country's north.

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  4. Mogadishu är Somalias viktigaste hamnstad, och ligger strax norr om ekvatorn. Staden är ett handels- och administrationscentrum med bland annat livsmedelsindustri och export av bananer och hudar. Den har en internationell flygplats, och ett universitet grundat 1954. Eftersom det var länge sedan en folkräkning kunde genomföras i landet så ...

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  5. The Battle of Mogadishu ( Somali: Maalintii Rangers, lit. 'Day of the Rangers'), also known as the Black Hawk Down incident, was part of Operation Gothic Serpent. It was fought on 3–4 October 1993, in Mogadishu, Somalia, between forces of the United States —supported by UNOSOM II —and Somali militiamen loyal to Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

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