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  1. A rookie mistake in the line of duty earned Razor months of rehab and a healthy distrust of innocent-looking women. Determined to prove to his fellow men in blue his green has worn off, he goes undercover as Isabella’s dance partner to investigate her possible involvement in a sex-slavery ring.

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  3. Ambiguous Situation: Just how much of a hold Marika has over his actions; Hewg was apparently tasked with forging a god-slaying weapon by her, and he commits to his task with resigned duty, but when the Roundtable Hold starts to burn down after lighting the Erdtree ablaze, he starts to lose his memories and becomes so devoted to his task that he's willing to burn with the Hold just to complete it.

  4. May 19, 2022 · The brother of Ayeshah is believed to have led the assassins, and Othman, with the Kurán on his knees, was pierced with a multitude of wounds. He died in the year 655 A.D., in the eleventh year of his reign. The inauguration of ’Alí put an end to the anarchy that ensued; but, with all his bravery and all the brilliancy of his endowments ...

  5. A mysterious, all-female cadre of assassins who orchestrated the Night of the Black Knives, leading to the death of Godwyn the Golden and the Shattering of the Elden Ring. Long after the Shattering had ended and the world was irreparably damaged, they still remain in the Lands Between for purposes unbeknownst to all but themselves.

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  7. Dec 31, 2008 · Chapter IV IN fact, Petronius kept his promise. He slept all the day following his visit to Chrysothemis, it is true; but in the evening he gave command to bear him to the Palatine, where he had a confidential conversation with Nero; in consequence of this, on the third day a centurion, at the head of some tens of pretorian soldiers, appeared before the house of Plautius.

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