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  1. Ishita Sengupta The Indian Express. “Soul” is a heartfelt story about second chances and finding real purpose in your life. It’s about obsessions, mortality, and finding the true qualities ...

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  2. 1. : the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life. 2. a. : the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe. b. capitalized Christian Science : god sense 1b. 3. : a person's total self.

  3. Soul is a 2020 American computer-animated comedy-drama film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by Pete Docter , co-directed by Kemp Powers , and produced by Dana Murray , from a screenplay by Docter, Powers, and Mike Jones .

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    Soul or psyche (Ancient Greek: ψυχή psykhḗ, of ψύχειν psýkhein, "to breathe", cf. Latin 'anima') comprises the mental abilities of a living being: reason, character, free will, feeling, consciousness, qualia, memory, perception, thinking, etc. Depending on the philosophical system, a soul can either be mortal or immortal.

  5. noun. the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part. the spiritual part of humans regarded in its moral aspect, or as believed to survive death and be subject to happiness or misery in a life to come: arguing the immortality of the soul.

  6. May 15, 2018 · The word “soul” seems to stand for the entire nonphysical part of man. However, man is also sometimes said to be “body and spirit.”. Paul wants the Corinthian church to deliver a sinful brother to Satan “for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus” (1 Corinthians 5:5).

  7. The Bible’s answer. The word “soul” in the Bible is a translation of the Hebrew word neʹphesh and the Greek word psy·kheʹ. The Hebrew word literally means “a creature that breathes,” and the Greek word means “a living being.” a The soul, then, is the entire creature, not something inside that survives the death of the body.

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