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    South Korea, [b] officially the Republic of Korea ( ROK ), [c] is a country in East Asia. It constitutes the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and borders North Korea. [d] The country's western border is formed by the Yellow Sea, while its eastern border is defined by the Sea of Japan.

  2. South Korea is a country in the southern part of the Korean peninsula, in the north east region of Asia. The capital city is Seoul. The official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea in English, 대한민국 (Daehan Minguk) in Korean writing , and 大韓民國 in Chinese characters .

  3. The history of South Korea formally begins with the Japanese surrender on 2 September 1945. Noting that, South Korea and North Korea are entirely different countries, despite still being the same people and on the same peninsula.

  4. The capital is Seoul (Sŏul). South Korea faces North Korea across a demilitarized zone (DMZ) 2.5 miles (4 km) wide that was established by the terms of the 1953 armistice that ended fighting in the Korean War (1950–53). The DMZ, which runs for about 150 miles (240 km), constitutes the 1953 military cease-fire line and roughly follows ...

  5. Jun 1, 2023 · Seoul is the cultural, economic, and political centre of South Korea. Except for a brief interregnum (1399–1405), Seoul was the capital of Korea from 1394 until the formal division of the country in 1948. The name itself has come to mean “capital” in the Korean language.

  6. May 30, 2023 · general assessment: South Korea is second only to Hong Kong in the world rankings of telecom market maturity; it is also on the leading edge of the latest telecom technology developments, including around 6G; with its highly urbanized, tech-savvy population, South Korea also enjoys very high communication levels across all segments – fixed ...

  7. Its official name is Seoul Special City(Korean: 서울특별시Seoul Teukbyeolsi). It has a population of 10 million which is about 1/5 of the Korean population and 1/7 of Korea peninsula, and covers an area of 610 km² that is only 0.6% of South Korea. It is the 6th most populated city in the world, and 7th most crowded.

  8. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Korea is a 750-mile-long (1,200-kilometer-long) peninsula located in the easternmost part of the Asian continent. Today, the country is split into South and North Korea, but in the minds of most of its citizens, it remains a single nation that cannot be divided.

  9. Feb 2, 2018 · South Korea is an East Asian nation of some 51 million people located on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula, which borders the East Sea (Sea of Japan) and the Yellow Sea.

  10. Feb 12, 2023 · UTC +9. South Korea (한국, 韓國 Hanguk ), officially the Republic of Korea (대한민국, 大韓民國 Daehan Minguk) is a country in East Asia. South Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea to the north, China across the sea to the west and Japan a short ferry ride to the southeast.

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